Friday, 23 May 2008

The Gucci Girls...

When Chris came home on leave after being in Saudi for 3 months he brought me back a present. It turned out to be a black leather case with Gucci sunglasses in - very swish indeed! Not that I am a suspicious or anything but I had to ask if these were the real thing? He admitted they cost 70 Riyalls (about a fiver in proper money) and then it came out that he had asked a work colleague to pick them up for him at the local petrol station!! Hmmmm...

My Mum came over for a visit a couple of weeks ago and on a beautiful sunny day we spent in the garden, I decided we should get the "Gucci" sunglasses out and see if we could perfect 'the look'.... you know the one... where women wear them on top of their head like an Alice band, instead of actually as sunglasses? Mum and I had some laughs with 'the look' so I made a little chipboard tag book with the photos.


  1. Hi lovin your little tag book too, and love the shades darling say nothing and no-one will be any the wiser!! ha ha
    Thanks for the comments you left on my blog and the answer to your question about the eylet thingies is they are k and Co, I've had them in my stash for ages and not used them. They were great for this book and there seemed to be a right phrase for nearly every page.

  2. What a fab little book with so much fun inside.

    I can never get 'the look' right, I end up getting my hair knotted in my glasses and more often than not need rescuing, not exactly the look lol xxx

  3. that is such a cute book! You know how I love the Bind it All! :)

  4. Love it... you both certainly had 'the Look' :-0

  5. Fab little mini book.You certainly got the look.

    Cass xxx

  6. What a great littlee book and so much fun!

  7. I love your sunglasses story, it made me giggle.

    The tag book is lovely. I've borrowed a friends BIA and I'm having a play, I must say not very successfully at the moment!


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