Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Cybercrop Class with extra mini

The Secret Diary of a Well-Travelled Lady
UKScrappers are having a cybercrop and I was asked to do a tutorial so surprise, surprise, I chose to make a minibook.... and I had a couple of those matchboxes sitting there so made this.  Now don't laugh, but I actually shipped those matchboxes from Canada to Scotland and if you had seen the look on the face of the guy that was packing the scraproom when he pointed out that I wouldn't be allowed to pack matches... when I promptly emptied the contents into the bin and told him I only wanted the actual matchboxes anyway!!
Inside one of the matchboxes is a smaller mini and the instructions for making it are:
You will need:

2 chipboard covers 4" x 2 1/4"
8 pages 3 3/4" x 4 1/4" of single sided patterned paper
Offcuts for the tags
Ribbon, buttons, flowers etc for decorating.
Cover the fronts and backs of your chipboard covers.  Sand the edges and then ink them.
Fold the cut pages in half and put double sided tape at the top and bottom on each back. 

The centres need to free of tape so that you can put tags into the pockets that are formed when you attach the pages to each other.
Attach each of the pages to the next one so that you end up with double thickness pages except for the first and the last... these will be attached to the inside of the front cover and back cover.
Make small tags and decorate them.
I used my circle punch and cut little semi circles on the pages to make inserting the tags easier.
Decorate your pages and front cover with ribbons etc.
Insert your little mini into the matchbox of your larger version.
Your done!! 

Sunday, 14 October 2012

MIA... and I'm off to visit the wizard.... the wonderful...

I think this post should get award or something... because it is the longest period of time between posts ever on my blog!   Its not like I didn't have anything to say, or pics to show, though they wouldn't be anything crafty as I haven't done anything crafty in quite some time!
Coming home has been a pretty stressful time, very busy with trying to get the house and garden back into shape after being neglected for a couple of years and visiting family we haven't been able to see for too many years and the boxes... yes, the boxes.... they haunt my sleep and drain all joy from my waking hours.  They have also given me physical pain!  I popped a rib and pulled a chest muscle so bad each breath was agony.
If I had blogged I would have been miserable... and if you think this post is miserable... let me tell you I am trying to be as upbeat as I can!! ;)
This is Chris' son James and me holding baby Caitlyn who was born while we were in Calgary, she is such a cutie and didn't mind playing pass the parcel with people she had never met!
and Libby who we haven't seen for 4 years... yep, she has suddenly become a young lady!
This is Chris and his eldest son, Glyn... wouldn't be able to disown each other,would they?
The boxes are much reduced in number but there are still far too many of them waiting to be unpacked and now we have our new assignment..................
Brisbane in Australia
and I need to start to packing again.... which is proving to be a major challenge because I now have boxes to unpack and boxes to go... and the temptation is to lie on the floor like a two year old and flail my arms and legs around.... just that I don't have enough floor space to do it!! ;)