Wednesday, 21 December 2011

What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday 21st December 2011

It's nearly Christmas!!  Without any further ado... this is my desk...
Just a couple of last minute bits... making some cardstock wallets for gift cards that are going to a friends young boys... my sewing leaves a lot to be desired but young boys will probably forgive me a few crooked seams, you think?
Why do I leave things to last minute...
and this is it folded and snapped shut with a little magnet.
and to leave you all in the Christmas mood... this is Tom-Tom inspecting the tree...
and all ready for Christmas..
Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas... hope you all have a fabulous time.
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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday - 14th December 2011

A big fat mess?  Not totally, I am working on my Journal Your Christmas book... 
I have been making these little folders to slip into the pockets of the Christmas tree... I know... this is going to be amusing as I don't think there is enough room between the pages to make them all fit!!
and this is what my floor was like a little while ago...all those white spots?  Glitter... lots of glitter... a certain little fur person stole a packet of glitter off my desk and had a lovely time with it all over the carpet...
then went to bed and pretended it had nothing to do with her...
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Friday, 9 December 2011

Christmas Fairy Swap

I joined in with a Christmas Fairy swap and received my fairies back in the post last week and they are beautiful!!  When Chris and I were in Michaels the other day I picked up a large canvas to put them all on as I couldn't really think what else to do with them and a couple of the other swapees went the canvas route and they looked fab.
I think it will make a lovely addition to my walls for the festive season.
This was my Yellow Pages fairy.

This was Lou's fairy. 
This one is from Shirley.
One of mine made from transparencies.
This one is from Irene.
This one was from KJJC.
This is from DorothyAnn.
My Christmas Tree fairy.
This purple wonder is from New2This.
Another of my Yellow Page fairies.
This one is Netty's fairy.
This was Honeypip's fairy.