Wednesday, 30 October 2013


I am still mojo-less... I hope where ever he is, Mr Mojo is having one heck of a good time! LOL
I have resorted to making Christmas cards... nothing fancy or amazing but at least I will have a few made ready for posting.
and to keep up with the 'use the TH dies' challenge I made a few of these with the reindeer die!  It seems weird making Christmas cards in hot weather and sunshine!!
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Wednesday, 23 October 2013


I had nothing to show for my work desk as I am completely mojo-less at the moment, but went and checked the mailbox and there was an envelope with my name on it!!  
Elizabeth kindly sent me some of her lovely hand made paper and the ATC for the 4th anniversary swap.

and a Halloween card!  Would you look at that, how cute and my very first ever Halloween card!  Thanks E, just what I needed to cheer me up! 
I gave the scrap desk a really good tidy and clean up this morning as if my mojo goes missing, this sometimes encourages it to return.... so here is hoping! :)
Don't forget to check out the linky list over at Julia's Stamping Ground for desks in abundance!!

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

T on Tuesday

I am joining Elizabeth for T on Tuesday with.... yes, a cup of tea!  I am busy playing with my sewing machine.. I am making a bag to hold the quilt I just finished.
This is the quilt... and in real life the blue is more aqua than it seems to be on my 'pooter screen!
Close up of the butterflies and the binding around the edge.
So that is me for today... beavering away in the cool of the basement... upstairs is a bit warm but the cats love it!! LOL

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


This is my work desk this morning in bright and sunny Brisbane.  I had taken a break from blogging so that I could catch up on some stuff that I wanted to get finished before my Mum and son arrive because I know once I have visitors that my creating time tends to diminish whilst I enjoy the company.
So it is my sewing machine and on the right you can see a pile of bags with quilts inside which I have made for LillyBo Quilts.  I am hoping that my visitors will be able to take them back with them and post them off to Jo(zart) in the New Year.
Little boy quilt with cars and trucks
and backed with little cars 
and the bag with some felt cars hanging from a chain.  they can be removed and played with on the quilt. 
Little boy raggedy quilt... 
backed with soft fur fabric. 
and matching bag. 
An alphabet quilt. 
backed in blue. 
Little girl's heffalump quilt... 
with satin ribbons to play with. 
backed with lots of birds.
Don't forget to check out the linky list for all the desks to visit over at Julia's place and if you could leave your number, I would be super grateful!! :)

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Spring has Sprung in Oz

Spring has sprung!  I went for a lovely walk up my road this morning before it got too hot and humid and the scent of flowers was heavy in the morning air. 
 The jacarandas are in full bloom and starting to carpet the ground with purple flowers.

 This looks like poinsietta to me... though I am no expert!

 This is the childrens' play park across the road, with sails to keep the sun off and jacarandas blooming behind.
 The frangipani trees are just coming into leaf, I can't wait to see them in flower.
 Hibiscus tea anyone?

 Close up of the jacaranda blooms... such a pretty flower.
 These weird orange casings have black berries inside... think the lorikeets are going to be happy!
 More jacaranda

 No idea what these berries are... decided against eating them... ;)

 My single lemon is hanging in there... and looks a little yellower!
and my favourite flower bloomed in my garden, bird of paradise.