Wednesday, 1 April 2015


This is what my desk normally looks like....
and this is my work desk this Wednesday morning!  I have cleared the wall under the window ready for the new window to be installed... a bigger lower window that I can sit at my desk and look out into the garden... it will make the room sunnier and lighter and much nicer to play in!
and I have been very ruthless with getting rid of stuff that I won't use so that the overspill into the sun lounge is not now a major hoarding situation!

 Don't get the idea that I am cured... I still have far too much stash and a lot of it doesn't get looked at because it is crammed into corners of cupboards and I have forgotten it is there... so the declutter is definitely a ongoing situation... but I haven't given up yet!
Happy WOYWW to you all, I will be by for a visit between snow storms... yeah, so much for it being Easter and spring... obviously somebody around here didn't get that memo!! 

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Spring Cleaning the 'Pooter

My Mum gave me all the family photos, slides and cine some years ago but because I was always on an overseas assignment I never had the opportunity to sit and get them all organised as I have never wanted to ship them overseas in case they got lost.  I have the family cinefilms dating back to 1967 so have sent them off to be converted to digital format so that I can share with my brothers once more.... it will be interesting to see what comes back as I cannot really remember a lot of them at all! 
I have spent weeks scanning and converting all my Dad's old transparency slides to digital myself and have just finished getting them all into folders designating the year/holiday/event and then describing each one naming the people in it.... at least I have learned one lesson from scrapbooking for years and that is give the facts or the photos just end up being of a load of people the next generation has no clue about.  I'm hoping that my painstaking work over the last month will mean they are relevant for a few more generations yet.... I can hope eh? LOL
Now I need to sort all the digital photos I have on my PC.... which is a lot... no really, its going to take some time to sort them all out into years, country, assignment etc.... I will be back.... 

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

T on Tuesday

I am joining Elizabeth for T on Tuesday this week... with a mug of frothy coffee!  It is the only coffee of the day... the rest of the time it is tea.... in a cup and saucer, but mid morning I really enjoy that one cup of coffee.
I have been making an envelope to hold some birthday gifts for a friend.
and made up some tags in chipboard and stamped them with quotes...
I think these are Tim Holtz stamps... 
pretty sure that is a Tim Holtz... will go and check... and clean them up! LOL
It's a busy week here this week... tomorrow I am taking Chris to the hospital for some tests and we are also having a new central heating boiler installed...  and Friday is lunch with the girls and Saturday is movie night...

Sunday, 8 February 2015

And finally... Birthday Book Number 4!

Yes, this is the last of the birthday books that I made last week... this one is mine and I used Graphic 45 papers that I have had for ages and ages.... 
and it opens with me and my January birthday...

and my nephew

onto Christopher 

my Mum,

Chris in May with my niece,

Eldest brother and niece in July

and second eldest brother also in July...

My nieces and nephews...

and my little brother to wind the year up...

with photos of my niece and nephew and my Mum.
I had great fun making these, they have a purpose which suited my need to make something with a practical application as well as just looking nice.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Canvas Photographs

So to go with the birthday books I made, I thought I would have a go at printing on canvas and making some little hanging pictures for my three brothers.
This one is for my little brother and is of his two gorgeous daughters.

This one is for my older brother and is of his son and daughter, the photo was taken in Bali, Indonesia.

This one is for my eldest brother and is of his son and daughter, photo taken in the Tarn, France when visiting my Mum.
The canvas was easy to rpint on but you have to take into account that the colour becomes less saturated and you have to back the canvas onto something solid, I have used chipboard covered in patterned papers and then inked and stamped.  
They were fun to make, and I hope my brothers like them.