Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Twas the night before the night before....

and my house is manic and a mouse wouldn't last a second with the two cats!!  I seem to spend a lot of time putting ornaments back on the tree... I find them in the oddest places... in Pandora's new chair for one!!

I had it made by the compound joiner who made the cat houses for the porch... isn't it cute?  Oh and for those who are wondering... yes, it is in the main bathroom and she hasn't been banished or anything... just that when there were five little kittens it was the safest place to put them if I had to keep them inside and Pandy obviously remembers this because come 8.30 pm in the evening she takes herself off to the bathroom for her last food and quiet nights sleep! At least now she can do it in style!! ;)

One of the most under-used portions of my stash is my clear stamps and I think it is because they were always in a big tupperware tub in the bottom of the cupboard and therefore not that easy to get to or sort through.  So I have made myself a couple of stamp albums!!

I found some sturdy plastic pockets in the bookstore and have now sorted all my clear stamps into pockets and bound them into two albums which hopefully means that all I have to do is get a book out and flip through it to find the stamp I want to use.

OK, so that's what I have been up to, so I guess I had better now get on with wrapping some pressies and giving the house a good clean through or Santa will be popping his head round the door and leaving in horror!!

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Just a quick catch up...

My Mum mentioned she had been on my blog and it was still talking about Thanksgiving... so I thought I had better take a break from scrapping and shopping and doing 'stuff' and announce that I am still here... just a bit snowed under - if a person in the desert can be snowed under!!

So this is my Journal Your Christmas book for this year... I have completed half a dozen pages so I am lagging behind the prompts... will promise to buckle down and complete some more in the next couple of days!!

This is a canvas I have done for my friend Ping for Christmas (think I am pretty safe putting it on here as her internet speeds are as awesomely slow as my own so blog hopping is not part of her agenda)!!

Here are some close-ups of the bits... I may not have finished tweaking it yet... depends on my available time before Christmas!!

This is another Christmas pressie, for my friend Trudie, its one of the picture frame versions so stand up as a display album.

Here's a close up of the flowers and pearls and bits!! ;)

Oh and look what I had the compound joiner knock up for me!!  Two little cat houses for TomTom and Pandora... of course, neither of them is willing to step in and look around.... what did I expect? LOL

Her's TomTom looking so cute and obviously preferring the old cardboard box!

This is Pandora who prefers the back of my sofa for any napping....