Saturday, 15 May 2010

Catwoman Returns...

I haven't seen Catwoman (named for obvious reasons) for a couple of months, she was always extremely shy and crept about late in the evening to see what food had been left in the porch.  Last time I saw her, she was looking very pregnant and we failed at trapping her numerous times.  Last night she turned up to see what she could scrounge and if you look closely at the entrance to the porch you will spot she was not alone!! 

I was warned off by some snarls, growls and howls so after plonking some kitten food and biscuits down I retreated with camera and tried to get a couple of photos.  Sorry the quality is so dodgy, it was dark and they weren't in a posing mood!! LOL

Hopefully if they keep coming back we will be able to trap them and take them to the vets, get Kitty's eye treated and Catwoman fixed.

Phantom looks to be the culprit as the two were quite an item before I trapped him and he went off to be 'sorted'!!   As you can see, the gene pool is quite small in the feral cats in the compound as Phantom is half brother/father to my Pandora - a fact that Chris says explains a lot about her personality or lack of!! 
Lots of people ask what is going to happen to them all when I leave in two weeks... luckily there are quite a few of us soft touch types so they will just call by at a different house for their hand-outs.  Pandora and TomTom will go with us but as much as I would like, we can't save them all. :(

Here is another needy character... Jingle Bells/Peg Leg/ Mena, she got attacked by a dog and her owners didn't take her to the vet so she has a crippled paw and spends most of her time laying in my porch and demanding food at regular intervals. Note the colour combo??  When asked if we have seen a certain cat I always say... would it be black and white?? LOL

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

WOYWW or What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday...

It is a beautiful morning here, pretty hot already so TomTom and I decided that it would be a good day to walk to the beach.  TomTom is more doglike that cat... he thinks taking a walk with us is completely normal!

He runs along finding spots of shade where he can...
and heads for the beach umbrellas because fur coats aren't ideal in 35 degrees!
Which brings me back to the cool airconditioned house and the scrap room... and what is on my desk today.  Actually its a bit more 'where is my desk today' than what is on it... it was sold and collected yesterday so this is pretending to be my desk this morning.  I am making up the kit for the final scrap class this weekend.
I think I have it all ready to go... and can now pack the rest of the stuff up!

This is what we are going to make in class!
Here is the inset of the wall hanging, I love the Zutter Hang It Alls, they are so much fun!
I had such huge problems last week with blogger and trying to leave comments, so if you didn't get one from me... it wasn't from not trying but that they never appeared and I got kicked out Google every time I left one... Chris finally changed IE over to Chrome and that improved things but even today Blogger is messing about with the photos and some are coming out but others aren't.... so sorry if this post is a mess!
Go check on the list of girls at Julia's place... I never realised how many lovely nosey people there were in Bloggerland!! LOL

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Oh Heck.... WOYWW!!

What can I say.... sorry but I didn't realise it was Wednesday till five minutes ago!!  Blame the blonde/senior moments that seem to be coming thick and fast... and having too many lunches and trying to plan my exit from the Kingdom.... so on my workdesk is a rather ugly green painted frame... which I hope to be able to make look accpetably pretty with some magic.... LOL

and this is me... well, it was me yesterday at the Mother's Day Ladies Naughty Luncheon!
So now I am off to check out Julia and all the lovely WOYWW'ers to see if they have much more exciting things on their work desks!!

Monday, 3 May 2010

A Very English Affair...

For those of you that follow my blog (and if you don't, why don't you follow my blog?... you will just have to fill in some of the blanks or read back a bit.... LOL) you will recall that we English girls (I use the term 'girls' very loosely as you will note from photos) decided to put on an afternoon tea party to entertain the ladies (I use the term 'ladies' fairly loosely too!) in the compound.  OK... I will admit at this point that when the idea first came into being it seemed like the easy alternative to doing a proper cooking demonstration on English/British foods... well how was I supposed to know that the idea would grow and blossom into the full scale event that it did???  Oh but didn't we have fun... and I think the ladies did too!!
we transformed the compound restaurant (well, a section of it actually) into an English Tea Garden that the Queen herself would have been proud to visit and partake of a slice of gingerbread and a nice cup of tea.
I will state from the outset that this would not have been possible without my fav shop of all time... Big World!!  We bought heaps of roses for the tables and made net ties for the chairs with a rose in each...
Ping even made curtains for the event to give the effect of a country tea room.
We bought white cotton tablecloths (a Big World special at £2 each) and hung Union Jacks around the walls.
we made menus and tag books for each table, the tag books gave etiquette and rules on how to behave at an afternoon tea party.  As there was only one book for each table we decided that the fairest way to distribute them was to put a star on the bottom of one saucer for each table and the person who had the star got to take the tag book home with them.
Suzanne looking well pleased with her good fortune!!
This is a photo of the tag books... I forgot to photograph them properly before the big day... oops, sorry!
Maybe I can borrow one back...
We spent all morning dressing the room and making sandwiches and scones and shortbread and Victoria sponge and chocolate cake and cream puffs and banana bread and mini cupcakes.... and .... and...
and some bright spark (who moi?) found in, yes, Big World, sets of pink aprons and decided we may as well go whole hog and dress up as waitresses too!!
I think we missed our chosen careers!! LOL
and some altering went on.... the hats were originally large doillies!!
LOL, this is Ping who even had the napkin on the arm look going on!!
and I even made shortbread tea pots!!
and you really don't want to know what I paid for that 3 tier cake stand... it did not come from Big World and 3 tier cake stands are not readily available in Saudi Arabia  so come at a premium price!!
A lovely time was had by all... and now I have to get ready for the Naughty Mother's Day Lunch tomorrow... wrapping a gift for the riot of 'stealing' someone's present from them... gosh but its a hard life....