Thursday, 26 November 2009


So here are the place names for Thanksgiving Dinner this evening... and I think they turned out ok-ish!! I saw the idea in an email from Scrapbook Trends by Kim Hughes but that old leaky elbow syndrome kicked in so if you have seen hers... you may wonder why mine aren't quite as pretty!! ;)  Probably just as well that my part is crafty rather than cooking... I have just delivered them to my neighbour and the smells of cooking coming from her house.... oh my, tonight is going to be some meal!! Pecan pie, pumkin pie, turkey and all the bits...

Do you see what I did with this one?  Did ya?  Doesn't it look like an Indian headress with feathers to you? LOL  Let's hope that Chief appreciates my sense of humour....

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday... created by Julia Dunnit (whos name always sounds like the answer to a question)... where people actually photograph their desks on a Wednesday and show what a state they are in...erm... or what they happen to be creating at that moment in time... but mostly involves a lot of messy desks that make me break out in hives!!  I have never joined in because my desk is usually pretty tidy as I am one of these folk that needs to tidy everything away between projects.  The rest of the room can look a mess (and usually does) but the desk needs to clean and tidy before I can start something new...but today it is a mess as I am trying to do three things at once... a book for a friend, another book for another friend and make some name places for Thanksgiving dinner... 12 of them...and Thanksgiving is tomorrow!!

Of course... if you see other peoples' messy desks... this one is pretty tame in comparison!!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Exploding Memory Boxes

The ladies in the compound decided they wanted to have a go at these... so its on the agenda for tomorrow.  Now, sitting at home in Scotland on a shelf in the scraproom are numerous versions of these that would have made life easy for me to take along as examples.... but its a long way to go for a memory box or two so I had to sit and make up a couple so they could get an idea what to do with them.

I kept the top of this quite simple and just added some bling and Glossy Accents with a little splash of Stickles to fancy it up.

Trimmed the edge with some daisy edging and blinged the centres... I was kind of hoping they might look like snowflakes... but they actually look like daisies with bling... some you win and some you don't! ;)

Here it is opened up with a few embellies and some heat embossing.

This is the second example... in my favourite colours and papers and I added tiny rosebuds, lace, vlevet ribbon and bling and little wired pearl beads.
Here is the whole box with the lace around the rim of the lid.

and this is it opened up with a large rose and pearls string with velevet ribbons.

Monday, 16 November 2009

CC Mini Book Class

This is the book I made up for the UKS Wizard of Oz cyber crop.  Its based on a photo frame in chipboard.

This means it will stand up as a display album.

I also made this version...

Whilst I was sitting and playing about I thought I would get rid of the nasty door numbers on my front door so I made this to go up instead!

and we have a new visitor who has made himself at home in the porch.

 He's named Tom-Tom because he must have some inbuilt GPS that made him turn up at my house!!  He's the sweetest, gentlest little guy and Chris has a soft spot for him... perhaps because he doesn't bite and scratch like Pandora!! ;)

When he comes in the house her nose gets seriously out of joint....

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Ooops, been MIA!!

Sorry, definitely been busy for the last couple of weeks and my poor blog has paid the price.... also haven't been able to show you a couple of the things I have been working on... not till after the weekend anyways!!

These are a few of the ladies that have been doing my mini book workshop this week.

They all appear to have enjoyed themselves!!

Being very industrious... and a few have now found out just how much effort goes into a mini book! ;)

I have had company whilst I have been scrapping... and explaining to Pandora that the offcut paper box was not intended for her..... well... let's say it was a lost cause!!

Chris and I went to the Murjan Bazaar day and he bought me a coffee pot!!  Not just a little coffee pot either... this one is BIG!!  Its also a lamp.. wish I could figure out how to take pictures of it when it is alight as it look fab...but my camera doesn't appear to like doing this...

This is the best attempt.... the brasswork is all filigree and the light shines through the holes and makes the most gorgeous patterns on the walls and floor... it will look lovely in my dining room at home when I have decorated it Arabian style....  LOL