Wednesday, 28 May 2014

WOYWW 5th Anniversary!!

This is the state of the desk on this 5th Anniversary of WOYWW... yep, boxed up and ready to go!
This is the rest of the room... the packers come in next Tuesday and load onto the shipping container on the Wednesday, so this will be my last WOYWW from Australia. 
Here is the PIF ATC for the name below mine with an asterisk.. I have sent all the others out already and saved this one for today so its just a case of popping it in the post.
Here is the lovely Pandora, she had her 5th Birthday on Monday this week... and she is not looking forward to her flight home... :(
Tom-Tom says he will cope as long as there are treats at the end of it...  don't think he has figured out that he gets picked up next Monday and flown to Sydney, then they stay in Sydney till their flight on Wednesday to Heathrow... where they get checked over and then boarded for the night and have to catch a flight to Aberdeen in the morning of the 6th June when we will also arrive and go and fetch them from the terminal.  Poor little things.... 
Happy 5th Anniversary of WOYWW to you all but especially to Julia, thank you for thinking o f it, and keeping it going! 

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


Here we go again.... sung to the well known tune of same name!  Yes, here it is Wednesday already and my desk is looking very bare... except for some ATC's I started for the big swap... but haven't finished yet.
I was actually congratulating myself last week because I am normally in the throws of moving when the WOYWW Anniversary comes around... and here I am in the new house and unpacked already!!  Except I thought too soon... cos we have now been giving our leaving Oz date and it is in 4 weeks.  So I am now in full on get cats paperwork sorted, get lists made, find out about shippers, sell off anything that can't be shipped mode... 
So before I get the packing boxes out of the storage cupboard and start packing again.... (insert your own expletives at this point because all mine are used up) I thought I would take a step back and show you the scraproom before it goes into dismantle mode.  This is my working corner, the scrap desk and computer desk under the window..
and the rest of the room is storage for stash.. oh and little Pandy keeping me company in a cardboard box on the floor... 
So if youa re wondering what I am rabbiting about with visiting desk, check out the leader of the desk snoop, Julia, for all the details.   I will be around to visit peeps, leave me a number to keep the process fast and easy and if anyone wants to swap an ATC... let me know in the comments.