Monday, 28 September 2009

OK... last fairy door for a while...

My neighbour at the back of me happened to see the previous fairy door and requested that I make one for her as she has a friend that is into fairies.... so here it is!!

Now I am going to sit and put the tutorial together for the covered spine o'wire books and chipboard box.... so you can all stop nagging - it may take a few days!! ;)

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Another Fairy Door

This is a dual purpose fairy door.... I made it for a friend who is leaving Saudi and returning to Canada and it also qualifies as my entry for the World Cardmaking Day Challenge on the Zutter's Zister's Ning Forum.
I decided to use my BIA to make the opening doors with a 5/16 o'wire, which actually is much easier than the previous versions!!

Have put it in a little bag and tied it with a couple of roses, so hope she like it!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Graduated Page Chipboard Book

I have wanted to try one of these graduated page books for a while so yesterday I got a big sheet of chipboard out and started cutting!!
I have used the Dragonfly Story and used images and brads of dragonflies on the pages.

I gave it to my next door neighbour and she loved it, I'm hoping she will put up with my numpty questions in the sewing class we are taking in which we are supposed to be making a HUGE jewelry organiser.... and as my sewing machine is in Scotland.... I am having to do the entire thing by hand.... so this may the one and only time I mention it.... just in case it turns out really bad!!

Saturday, 19 September 2009

My Mojo Book

I made this book for me, which in itself is unusual!! I wanted something that I could write little notes or attach a picture of the things that I want to try out, new ideas I dream of in the middle of the night or find when I am surfing the web and I am taken by the way someone has angled a bit of lace or torn and curled a paper around a frame.... then when my mojo goes walkabout I have these jumping off points to get the creative juices going again! So why not have a plain notebook with a pretty cover? Well, when I am stuck for ideas the last thing I need is blank sheets of paper, they don't enthuse me to think of things, they just become an additional block to my creativity... so its full of colours and patterns and shapes....
So let's hope it works!! ;)

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Book in a Box

After doing the cardstock version of the Book in a Box that looks like a Book, I thought I would have a play and make the box from chipboard - and I love it. Its basically the same as the previous but you need to cut the chipboard into separate sections to get it do all the folds.
I decided to cover the spine of the book so the o'wires don't show and think that with this vintagey colour scheme it works really well.

I used Kaisercrafts papers, which were fab for this.

I'll find the tutorial for the cardstock version and add it to the blog in case anyone wants to give it go.

Monday, 14 September 2009

That was it then...

My vacation that is... 2 weeks just vanished in a blink of the eye and here I am back in Saudi with the heat and humidity!! I did manage to have a meal out with some girlfriends and of course I did some stash shopping. I also ate every known form of pork for sale in the supermarket and even managed to smuggle a tin of Ye Olde Oak Ham back in my suitcase!! I am going to keep it for Christmas.... it may seem to be just a tin of ham today.... but by the time Christmas gets here it will have undergone a transformation and will be the most delectable thing on the table come tea time!!

I took a couple of photos of my babushka dolls while I was home so that I can add the pics to my mini book.
See how tiny they get? Its only the baby one that is solid, all the rest come apart in the middle and painted so beautifully.
Oh and this was my suitcase... I did add some odd socks and t-shirts to it so it wouldn't rattle too much...