Wednesday, 21 January 2015


I'm on a roll this week... managed to blog two days in a row! LOL  It is really hard to blog when your Mojo has done an Elvis and left the building without any forwarding address!  So after giving the scrap desk a really good clean and tidy in the hope it might encourage him to return.... I thought visiting lots of lovely desks might do the trick!
So here is the desk all tidied up and I now have a radio/mp3/cd player at the side so I can listen to chatter while crafting... and it seems Radio 2 is the least annoying of the airwaves... so when did that happen? A sign that I am now officially old? LOL
On the desk is a handmade envelope with some diecuts for rosettes that I sat and cut out for a lady I was talking to at the local ladies group.  It seems she is a card maker and mentioned trying to make rosettes and I told her I had a machine for that.... LOL
a card I made for her to show how the rosettes should look when finished.
So if you are wondering why I am showing you my desk, go to Julia's and check out all the details and you will be on your way to visiting lots of lovely desks full of wonderful inspiration.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

T on Tuesday

I am joining Elizabeth for T on Tuesday this morning....
I have neglected this poor blog since before Christmas... bad bad blogger indeed!  I am feeling a lot better this morning and am showing my green smoothie breakfast drink... spinach, celery, parsley, banana, mango and pineapple and I know they look weird but they actually taste really nice and the bonus is that I get my five fruit and veg in one hit and everything else I eat during the day is a bonus! LOL
This is what is outside my scraproom window this morning... yep, pretty nippy out there... it was -3 when I got up but I think it has freezing now.
The only crafty stuff I have done lately is to make a quilt and a taggy for my son's University friends who are waiting on the arrival of their first baby as I type...  have no idea about their nursery colour scheme so hope they like owls....
yeah, not sure about the taggy... I was going to add some eyes and a nose and then decided against it as I sort of envisioned it turning into something that give bubba nightmares... so I have left it blank... may just cut the head bit off and leave it as a plain blankie taggy... what do you think?