Monday, 17 October 2011

Donna's 'Art' Journal - sort of... kinda, maybe...

It is now in the post... I can't change it, add to it, alter it, make it better... which is rather a relief in an odd sort of way!!  I have had it sitting on my desk for the last two weeks and I would go and turn the pages and think.... it looks a bit naked and bare... (ignoring the small voice in my head that says an art journal is sent to be completed by the arty farty type of recipient that would play with it) so I had a brain wave (yep, you should be scared) and thought I will add a couple of completed pages so that the ever arty Donna would know where I was going with it... so I did.  It still looked bare and naked.... so I did a couple more... all on the same theme of songs from my dim and distant past... and I left it on the desk.... and returned to flick through with Donna eyes... and it was not good... so I added some more pages... filled the little pockets with tags and the envelopes with odd bits... and left it for a couple of days... to flick through the pages and thought... hmmm... I think it needs something.... so I got the stamps and ink out and went through the pages... and my Mum said that if I didn't post it off soon it would require a second mortgage to post it....  (Mum was right about the postage... but then Mum's usually are) ;)
Front Cover
First page inside cover
pocket page and fold out map 
I tried to be art journal-ish... adding weird bits... ;) 
pocket page and one ready for Donna to add her thoughts (hopefully nothing to do with what she thinks of my attempt
My page using the lyrics from the Sounds of Slilence. 
More attempts at arty pages.... hopefully to be enhanced by Donna! 
My page using 'Just another manic Monday' as my theme. 
Donna must save these pages from my 'arty' attempts... 
Paperbag page and pocket page with tags. 
Paperbag page for California Dreaming by the Mamas and Papas... (yep, I am that old)

This old house by Neil Young was the theme for this page... this song is strangely as relevant today as it was in the mid 70's when I first heard it... 
an envelope page 
Tina Turner's 'I can't stand the rain'.... 
Knocking on Heaven's Door page...   
and Donna, you were right to get me to finish it... because as much as it stressed me out and went against all my instincts, I really enjoyed making it for you and I know it isn't a 'proper' art journal but it did make me think outside of the box and try new ideas.


  1. Gosh, so much work has gone into this - I'm sure Donna will love it Annette.

    Toni xx

  2. Oh wow whats not to like its fabulous !

  3. OMG this is amazing Annette.
    I love it and I am sure Donna will too.
    How could she not!

  4. Wow, I think this is just great - anyone would be honoured to have it, Donna will love it, I am sure.

  5. That is fantastic Annette, i love it.

  6. It really IS amazing work... recieving something like this would be an amazing gift. Donna will LOVE it!

  7. I'm in AWE of this book. I'm used to your BIA books, but have never seen anything like this from you. This is outside the box stunning, a mixed media joy, and something to be very proud of. Not your standard fare, or off the shelf ideas. This is a one of a kind journal that I know Donna is going to LOVE. I remember you said this type of book was hard, but once you do a couple, they will be as much, or possibly more, fun than one where all the supplies have been defined for you. I really, really love the paint chips. Super way to go.

    Now to let you know that I got a package from someone in Canada today! Looked strangely like your address on the package, but someone wrote inside that they owed me a fat book page, which I don't remember since I didn't play in that swap. But I appreciate it as well as the other goodies you sent me to play with. I especially like the man. I have not had a chance to look at these goodies yet, except the fat book page, so I will thank you properly when I get my e-mail working again. Until then, watch for the post (probably Sat.) showing what some awesome lady living in Canada sent me to play with!!

  8. Well I'd be chuffed to bits to receive such a journal! I'm sure Donna will love it.

  9. Greetings,

    Thank you for visiting us and spending some time on our blog.

    Earlier we were at Bleubeard and Elizabeth blog and saw the wonderful items you sent her to be creative with.

    Regarding to your post, we marvel at your journal book. For some strange reason dad is totally unable to create his own journal book, even though he is an artist. It is like he is having writers block.

    Thank you for sharing,
    Ms K and Egmont

  10. It's stunning! A work of art in itself!

    Is that door knocker a picture? It looks like it's coming right out of the screen, never mind the page! Just love the house page!

    Wow. Wow. Wow.

  11. Cannot believe I missed this! What a set of fabulous pages and yes, can imagine it cost a bomb to post. But lucky Doone, am sure she will do some wonderful things with it and hope we all get to see the collaboration when completed.

  12. Hi my name is Donna, did you mean to send that gorgeous book to me? hehe.. I am a new follower to your page and I think you will become one of my favourite sites.. I love books as well, there is just something about them isn't there!! You have a great sense of humour as well which I like and admire all your travelling.. I know you have seen some wonderful things and I think it shows with your art work..


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