Monday, 13 June 2011

Smashing New Orleans

 Technically this is probably not your typical smash book for various reasons... the main one being that the idea of the smash book is to take it with you and fill it with all your bits and pieces whilst you travel... well, I wanted to make one and use up all the bits that I had hoarded from my trip to New Orleans so it wasn't going to be filled during the trip but after the event.  I used chipboard for the covers and 1" o'wires and bound it with my Bind It All.
 I always buy lots of postcards when I go anywhere... sometimes it is the best way to get a good pic!
 I bound some of them as individual pages and used the backs for photos or journalling. Pockets are another good way to be able to hold all the brochures etc that you pick up while on a trip.
Maps are also quite fun and the right hand side of this is a map folded. 
I added pics and journalling to the back of the map to strengthen it. 
and you can mark the places you visited and where you stayed. 
I kept ads of the restaurants we ate in and photographed the menu of the local alligator place but didn't actually eat in there!  

 Both these pages have pockets to hold tags with photos.
 Fold outs are always handy for adding extra bits and pieces.
 This is the page opened fully.
 This page has a pocket of sorts... made from the chipboard covers you put on your hot drinks from places like Starbucks.
 I used the back of the postcard for a photo and added a thinner journalling page.
 Another pocket formed by folding and glueing which has tags and leaflets in it.
 I had to laugh because the museum had less African masks than I do...
 Normal pages with a postcard bound in the middle.
 Back is used for journalling.
 I kept some adverts and used these on the pages.
 Another pocket page for leaflets.
 Made this postcard into a pocket and added some tags.
 Photos and journalling of the cemeteries - nobody is buried under ground in New Orleans because of the risk of flooding.
 Postcard back for journalling and photos of the Mississippi.
 Rear of postcard for photos and journalling.
 Large photos of the city.
Another of the coffee holders made into a holder for tags.


  1. alright you. now while i don't ENtirely forgive you for coming down this way and not telling me,
    if you need/want anymore N.O. junk, for pete's sake tell me.
    if there is one thing we love in the south (Other than moonshine, God, voodoo) it is our mardi gras/N.O. junk.

    lemme know. i can send plenty of mardi gras hoardy type stuff.


  2. True Smash book or not, it is amazing and what a treasure to remind you of your trip.

    Super project Annette.

    Toni xx

  3. I love this. I buy alot of postcards when we are away and I like the way you have bound them into the book and used the backs for journalling. Great idea that I may borrow if thats ok?

  4. out and about at work today - will buy me a measuring device ( ruler?)


  5. I'm totally impressed with this journal/scrapbook/smash. Although there seem to be many names for it, I'm in love with the original use of all your photos, post cards, maps, and ephemera you picked up while you were there. I'm so impressed with the way you bound this book, interspersing post cards with full pages. And your use of those coffee cozies is genuinely brilliant! Love it all. Don't know where to begin because it's all so wonderful and OH SO New Orleans. I DID laugh at the museum comment!

  6. Annette that is utterly gorgeous - really want to do a mini book now - love all the texture and changes in shapes and well everything!!

  7. Just brilliant Annette, taking scrapping back to its roots, not all about the fancy product but, rather, the 'how and where and when' of the stories. Love it.

  8. As always, love your 'stuff' Annette! We just got home from a Norway fjords cruise so I'm dying to get started!

  9. What a grand remembrance!! LOVE IT


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