Thursday, 7 August 2008

Handbag Instructions for Circle Book

A few folk have asked if it was possible to get instructions to make the handbag that the circle albums fit into.... well, as I made the first one and didn't measure anything I have made another and hopefully worked out what I did!! LOL

Obviously all the measurement I use are based on the size of the circle book I made - and as I have no idea what size you have made yours - please adjust the measurements to suit. The BIA versions are wider than the straight forward ones. Measure your book and allow an extra 1/2" on the tallest part.
Cut 2 pieces of chipboard 6 1/2" x 6 1/2"
Cut 2 pieces of chipboard 6 1/2" x 1 1/2"
Lay your book onto the squares and draw a line at the height you require and remove that corner so that you have the shapes in the photo.
Lay the chipboard pieces onto your chosen patterned papers as shown in the photo - make sure you have one of the rectangle side pieces at the bottom and one to the side.
Cut small V's at all corner section of the chipboard so that your paper folds nicely. Use double side tape (DST) on sections of chipboard except the length marked with an X on the paper. This is the piece that you will use to attach the sides to each other!!
Cover the insides with patterned paper - either the same or a contrasting colour. Note that the triangle is still free - do not glue it down yet!
Now DST the last 2 pieces of paper inside to form the sides of your bag.

Cut a length of cardstock to make the fold over flap/closure and cut one end into a point. Cover with your patterned paper leaving a border of colour. I used DTS to adhere it to the back of the bag and then added 2 brads to make sure it stayed in place.
Cut 2 lengths of ribbon to make the handles and fasten to front and back of bag with brads. Now you can glue the triangles of patterned paper inside the bag and cover all the bits you have poked through like the legs of the brads.
I used a Basic Grey large magnet to keep the flap closed. You can now add some flowers or braid or ribbon to decorate your bag as you wish. :)
Voila!! You are finished... enjoy!!


  1. What a source of inspiration your book is-thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh brill - I MUST have a go at this for the little album I made!! Thank you!

    I don't have any chipboard - so I will have to use some slightly thicker card and hope for the best! ;)

  3. Fab! (as always) - you are an inspiration and very talented. Thanks for sharing.

  4. love this thanks for sharing . will save to do one very soon x

  5. Thank you so much for your instructions of the handbag. I am going to make it very soon. First I go for a holiday. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh my goodness! your mini books are so amazing! I am so bad at mini's but you have inspired me to try one of these too.
    Fantastic job!

  7. I was hoping to find your email address...but can't see it anywhere. I wanted to suggest you submit some of your mini albums to Scrapbooks etc. They have have a quarterly mag that is dedicated to only mini's...& your stuff it SO good. Have you ever thought about it?

  8. Lovely Annette. I've loads to catch up on and this will be one thing I hope to do.

  9. WOW what a great idea. Just love your handbag and circle books as well!

  10. Thanks so much for the inspiration! I love the circle album - I hope you don't mind that I linked to your blog from mine to thank you!

  11. WOW another great masterpiece.

  12. thanks for signing the petition - you did a wonderful thing xx

    PS: I love that bag!


  13. Hi Annette. Wonderful to see your many creations. Hope you are well and the rest of the team are doing good. With love, Sharon Speakman (diamonddiva)

  14. Wow so beautiful this handbag - and all your projects.
    I want to link to your great blog - in what country do you life?
    I have a Linklist to blogs in the whole world - take a look!

    Greetings from Germany

  15. absolutely fantastic love it, will def be doing this little project, thanks for the inspiration and instructions

  16. Extra !! I love it !!
    Thank you for the explanations !


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