Wednesday, 12 September 2012

WOYWW 12th September 2012

The Vixen is back in her lair!!  Some people may recognise the wall in my lounge as the photo at the top of my blog... and perhaps not have realised that it is one of my home.... but it is and I am back in it!! I know, it's not everyones' idea of home decor but I love it... visitors either step back in horror and remember a previous appointment or they are fascinated there is no happy medium!!
TomTom and Pandy survived their journey and have explored the house... every inch of it!  They both love the sun lounge which is connected to the scraproom, it has windows on all sides so they can look out on the garden and its sunny so they sleep the day away in the warm rays of the sun.
But... it is WOYWW and you are here to see my desk.... 
it's behind that lot.... LOL!!  Yes, I think I made one or two trips to Michaels that I didn't need to!!  The really annoying part is that I have boxes in all the rooms and really have to unpack and put everything away in those before I start on the scraproom... 
Some folk may recall the library table and chairs I bought when I was in Canada... happily I can report that it survived the journey and is now at the end of my kitchen and looking good!!
and the daybed from the States and trunk is now in my spare bedroom!!
So I am getting sorted... slowly... it took two days to go through the accumulated mail of two years!
I may be sporadic and slow in visiting but I will take a break from cardboard boxes and come and visit!!