Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Apartment Living...

I have never lived in a high rise apartment before... it has both positives and negatives.  The two cats were a bit mystified, as we had taken them to the cattery whilst the packers came in and did the shipment so they were pretty stressed out when they didn't go home and were brought here to the apartment instead.  I found an aromatherapy spray that is supposed to be calming to cats and sort of did that Fabreeze thing on the sofa and chairs....
think I may have overdone it a bit?
The apartment isn't anything special... but they let me have the cats so I don't really mind that it is not quite 2 star rating!!  I think I may be being generous with the two star rating because when we moved in there were a lot of marks on the lounge carpet so I gave a few a wash.... now I have these clean spots on the grubby carpet.... not sure which looks worse!! LOL   
this is the kitchen... 
yep... would you look at that stove???  I am sure my Mum had those sort of knobs on a stove in the 70's!!
But just two doors down from my door is this...

and inside is another and inside that is this...
and you open it up and shove your rubbish inside where it slides down 6 floors and lands with a really satisfying thunk!!  I obviously don't have enough to do because I make about three trips a day just to play with the chute!!  LOL
I have four more weeks of apartment living... then I get to go home to Scotland!! 

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

I'm back! WOYWW - July 24th 2012

Thank goodness for WOYWW!!  I have missed everyone but with not having anything crafty to report and no time to visit I decided it was best not even try and join in.  I am now ensconced in the temporary apartment and my stash should be sailing it's way across the ocean to the Scotland. The house sale went through yesterday after a week of exhausting running about and frantic packing!  So it is goodbye lovely basement scraproom and hello corner of desk in the apartment!
This is my stash... oh dear... such a pitiful sight!!  They are mini books to go on jigsaws and if any of my fellow swappees see this they will probably sigh with relief!!  They will be in the post as soon as I finish sticking and locate the post office!!
Here are Pandy and Tom-Tom watching the birds in the sky from the 6th floor balcony window!
This is the view from the balcony... it's actually far prettier at night when everything is lit up.
So one of the last things we had to do at the house was read the meters and return the wireless modem to Shaw's office downtown... about a 25 minute drive away.  So I locked up the house leaving the keys inside for the new owners and we went downtown with the modem and to pay the final bill and once there, the girl took the modem and checked the final account and asked where the phone modem was.... what phone modem? we reply... if you had a phone then you had a phone modem...  we did?  Nobody said anything about a phone modem when I called up to ask what particular hoops we had to jump through to cancel the phone, internet and TV package!!  So she shows us this black box... oh yes!  we have one of those on the wall near the electric fuse box!!  Well, it needs to be returned or we will have to charge you $89 for it...  $89 ?  Blast.... so I call the realtor and ask if I could have the keys to the house that she kept for showings and which she hands to the lawyers on completion for the new owners to get in.... and luckily her office is open on a Sunday afternoon so we drive back up town and collect the keys... drive back to the house and disconnect the black box and then drive back to the realtor office and hand the keys back and downtown to Shaw's with the black box and stand in the queue.... and stand in the queue.... and stand in the queue... and then hand the phone modem to the girl who promptly, with nonchalant abandon, threw three feet into a huge box with about 50 other modems where it landed with a resounding crash!!  LOL  Heck, $89 is $89!! ;)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Swallowed by a black hole...

not really, but you would be forgiven for thinking it!!  I have been a wee bit busy and managed nothing scrappy unless you include putting cardboard packing boxes together in that category?  LOL
I have had some breaks from the packing though!  It was the Calgary Stampede 100th Year this year so Chris and I went along for the day and enjoyed a pancake breakfast with Fluor.
Here is Chris in his cowboy hat...
and moi in her pink one!! 
We also had a fabulous weekend away in Vail, Colorado, we left last Thursday and got back Sunday evening.  The occasion was a reunion of people who lived and went to school in Marsa el Brega, Libya... so some 40 plus years had passed since I had seen them!!  
Here is my BFF from 7th and 8th grade, Sharyl.
and I found this statue of a skier.... so couldn't resist!! ;)
Sharyl, Joanie (who I babysat when she was little) and Bryce who was my younger brother's best friend.
Bryce had come to the reunion on his Harley and even let me sit on it!!
So that's another of the bucket list items ticked off!!