Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Fat Page Swap Stand

The parcel with the fat pages arrived in my post box this morning... and as you can see, they are very fat!!  So a conventional book was not really going to protect all that lovely art work... they would get damaged and dusty so an alternative had to be thought up! 
Voila!!  A fat book page stand!!  
I can look at the pages on the stand or if I want to study the different techniques then I can remove it from the stand and use it as a normal book. 
This is the back of the stand... and as you can see I managed to use some of those beads I bought at the garage sale last week! 
This is a side view.... with a few more beads... I had to get little chipboard circles and paper and ink them to match the stand and glue them on the ends of the beads so that they would hand nicely as the centre holes are very large. 
Honeypip's page using 3 dimensional flowers and buttons and crackle glaze. 
Nettyb's page used flowers cut from watercolour a paper, inked, stained and glimmer misted. 
Kitty Crafts' page used calico, inked and printed on with a sepia tinted image with stitching and distressing. 
Paddy's page used serendipity squares, cross stitch, stamping and embossing. 
She's page used stamping, clear embossing, melted wax and crackle glaze. 
Irboo's page is a mixed media collage on fabric with stamping and stitching. 
Leigh's page used hand made paper, shrink plastic embellies and alcohol inks. 
Kiarama's page used random pleating on silk and chiffon with beadwork. 
Dragonfly Jane's page used a digital stamp and dry embossing with inking.
My page which used printing on tissue paper and various embossing techniques with stamping and distressing.
Thank you to all the lovely ladies in the swap, I now have a completely unique and beautiful book of lots of different techniques to play with!


  1. The stand looks fab with all the pages on, brilliant idea.

  2. Amazing book Annette and your stand is just the thing to show it off.

    Toni xx

  3. it is truly beautiful, and somehow reminds me of spit roast ....


  4. What a clever idea ...love all the pages you have there ...best way to display this work of art....amazing techniques to study.

  5. Genius! Great idea to show off those fabulous pages!

  6. That's gorgeous Annette, very nifty stand.

  7. I'm impressed with the way you chose to display that book. Very impressive, as are the techniques. Gotta admit, I like yours the best! You do such excellent work. Love the way you incorporated the beads. That is very clever. See, I KNEW you would find a clever and unique way to use them. Initially, I thought they were spools of thread.

  8. What a great idea for displaying!I love those pages,they're all fab!

  9. Wow-what a great idea that stand is!!
    Wish my desk looked as tidy as yours too!


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