Wednesday, 1 April 2015


This is what my desk normally looks like....
and this is my work desk this Wednesday morning!  I have cleared the wall under the window ready for the new window to be installed... a bigger lower window that I can sit at my desk and look out into the garden... it will make the room sunnier and lighter and much nicer to play in!
and I have been very ruthless with getting rid of stuff that I won't use so that the overspill into the sun lounge is not now a major hoarding situation!

 Don't get the idea that I am cured... I still have far too much stash and a lot of it doesn't get looked at because it is crammed into corners of cupboards and I have forgotten it is there... so the declutter is definitely a ongoing situation... but I haven't given up yet!
Happy WOYWW to you all, I will be by for a visit between snow storms... yeah, so much for it being Easter and spring... obviously somebody around here didn't get that memo!!