Friday, 12 April 2013

One more week...

One more week and we move into the house that we (that's a royal we, because Chris hasn't actually seen it yet) found.  We move in next Thursday and the cats fly up from Sydney to join us on Saturday!!  Phew... nothing like flying by the seat of your pants eh? ;)
Our shipment is on this boat and should be arriving in Brisbane docks tomorrow!!  I think my container is that pretty blue one near the stern... no, just kidding, haven't a kookin' clue which one it is... I just hope it had a good voyage!!  So all being well and going to schedule it should be released from customs ready for when we get the keys for the house... best laid plans of mouse and men... ;)
So what have I been doing with myself for 3 weeks you ask? LOL  I have viewed houses, bought the beds and other furniture ready for delivery to the new house, so we have something to sleep on when we move in... this weekend is white goods shopping... fridge/freezer, tumble dryer etc...
This is the house... it is in Tarragindi... a suburb of Brisbane.

And the real bonus is that the owner has two cats of his own and doesn't have a problem with my two!! The house is cat proof!  It has screens on all the windows and doors and even has an outside run area which is netted in on all sides and roof so they will be able to go outside and sunbathe.  How brilliant is that? I am really looking forward to being in my own place with my own things... and getting it sorted out and then being able to do the scraproom!!  Yay!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Well, I'll just go hug a koala...

I'm here!!  Sunny Brisbane look out!! LOL  The flight is looong (oooh sounds like a Hollies' song) but it's not too bad if you fly business class.  I was lucky to fly BA to Singapore and then Quantas from there to Brisbane.  Managed to sleep about 4 hours on the first leg of 14 and half hours
and 3 or so on the second leg which was 7 and half hours.  Quantas even give you a quilted mattress and quilt cover to sleep and a pair of pyjamas with a kangeroo on the front to sleep in!! (I kept the pj's because the stewardess said she uses them for lounging around her apartment and I figured nobody else would want them afterwards... I would have kept the quilt too if I thought for a second it wouldn't have been missed ;) ). The seats are a pod and you can lie down flat as though you were on a bed... a definite bonus.

Now, many readers of this blog will know that I have done my share of travelling but jetlag is not something I have ever really suffered from before... true jetlag, where you poor body and mind have not a cookin clue what has happened to it... it has taken me a week... an entire week to get my body clock back to some sort of normality... not waking up at 4 a.m. starving because it is dinner time in the UK.... not finding your brain going numb with tiredness in the middle of the afternoon because it thinks it should be asleep in bed.

And the cats, they are now safely in the quarantine cattery in Sydney and doing their 30 days before they can come home to be with me again.  They didn't fly business class, they were in the hold with only water to drink for 27 hours and to say I was anxious about them would be an understatement. They were fine though and the cattery have given Pandy an igloo to hide in and Tom-Tom has his own carer who spends time with him petting and smoothing while he investigates his new surroundings. That sounds like they are separated, and they aren't, its just that Pandy won't let anyone near her so only Tom-Tom gets the smooths.
This is the cattery, they have a ground floor, a sleeping first floor and then a little turret at the top for looking out at the world!! ;)