Saturday, 16 February 2008

The Dammit Doll

Had to make a couple more of them as people seem to like them! ;)

Now I know I need to go and find something sensible to do, because this is what happens if I don't! He's kind of cute though!! I made him for a friend of mine, but now I am not so sure she is going to be very impressed! :)

The little rhyme that goes with him is:
The Dammit Doll
When you want to climb the wall
and stand right up and shout
Here's a little Dammit Doll
You cannot do without

Just grasp it firmly by the legs
and find a place to slam it
and as you whack the stuffing out
yell Dammit, Dammit, Dammit!

If Dammit's not a word you say
then twist its little neck
and grumble repeatedly
Oh heck, oh heck, oh heck!

And once you're done abusing it
just sit it on a shelf
but hug it first, as I'd hug you
if I were there myself...


  1. Hi Annette. Love your blog. Where can I get one of those adorable dolls?? I really need one while I am working on the Matric Dance!
    Could think of a few other choice words I would use, somehow they sound a lot worse in Afrikaans. LOL

  2. this little doll Annette and your poem is fantastic. Think everyone should have one of these! M x

  3. This little doll is so cute! Love the minibook in the previous post too.

  4. This little doll really is a MUST HAVE - what a fab idea and I love the poem. Toni :o)

  5. Hi Annette. I think we all need a dammit doll - loved the verse to with it!

  6. I think she will LOVE it ---- and the poem is FANTASTIC .

  7. hehehe love it, you really ought to patent this you could make a million, I would buy one if you made them to sell its fab

    well done

  8. Love that doll, could use one myself!!

  9. I want one .. nay, I NEED one !!

    he is adorable - and I loves him !

  10. He's bootiful and reminds me of Sadsac from the Raggy Dolls in a funny kind of way :P

  11. This is absolutely fantastic!!!!

  12. Annette, that is fantastic!! :lol:
    I agree with Mary! x


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