Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Its the 25th again!!

I am really not doing very well with the Shimelle Save the Day thing - I have taken photos on each 25th - just not managed to put together any pages yet!! :( I think that will be my challenge to me this week, do April, May and Junes pages - otherwise its going to be really difficult as my memory isn't what it used to be!!

Speaking of memories... the weirdest thing happened yesterday. I decided to start using Chris' camera, its much nicer than my old digital so I had a practice run and took some photos of the garden. When I transferred them to the PC I found some old photos on the card too... this was one of them... I was looking at Cuddles!! Cuddles who has been gone since 2001. How did Cuddles get on the camera? The camera was bought in South Africa just as Chris and I were going to Victoria Falls for my 50th birthday - 2 years ago. Its a mystery....


  1. Spooky! Is it a picture you've taken of a picture of Cuddles, IYKWIM. Or maybe the card is from on old camera that you did have when you had Cuddles

  2. Freeky, and cool in a way, is that a pic of cuddles that you can't explain, he just wants to show you his presence :)

  3. ah bless, he's gorgeous, you must really miss him, strange how he got on the camera though! x

  4. Maybe he's just sending you a little reminder of how much he loved you?


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