Saturday, 21 February 2009

I'm talking meat again...

I do miss my bacon sarnies... crispy grilled smoked streaky bacon plonked on the buttered bread whilst still hot.... I can almost smell it!! I figure I can adapt to most things but the range and quality of meats available to you here are a sad disappointment, especially as you tend to have to pay quite a lot for them. I guess I have been spoiled by the shelves and shelves of each sort in my local Tesco or Asda.... that does not happen here. I go to the supermarket mostly on a Thursday evening when Chris gets home from work (remember I am not allowed to drive and we play the try and shop between calls to prayers game) and my heart drops when I get to the meat section. There will be half a dozen packs of fresh chicken breast, some whole chickens the size of a large grapefruit, a few pieces of beef, maybe a couple of packets of lamb, the cut of which mystifies me, as I have yet to see a lamb chop or rack and have no idea what they do with those cuts!! Yesterday I popped into the little mini mart in the compound and picked up a pack of frozen chicken breasts for our tea.

It says they have come all the way from Brazil and then I took another look....

hmmmmm, a case of too much info? I had images of a very cross Brazillian with a large sharp knife in a chicken coop doing his worst....

and this is what is next to me when I am preparing the food... who can resist that face???

We had a sand storm for a couple of day last week... they are not fun, hot and dry and the finest specs of sand whirling around and getting everywhere. This is Chris in his sandstorm headgear!! LOL - the smiley face is so no one will think he is a bank robber!!

Oh and the chicken breast weren't too bad.... you should give this a try...

  • Get a medium sized ziplock bag.
  • Pour in a good dollop of virgin olive oil
  • add a good splash of soya sauce
  • add about a tablespoon of honey
  • grate some ginger and add it to the bag too.
  • Squish a clove of garlic and add that.
  • Pepper sprinkled on the top

Add your chicken breasts to the concoction and makes ure they are well covered with the gloopy stuff, zip bag shut and let chicken marinate for a an hour or so (longer if you want). Then remove the chicken from the bag and lightly cook in a large frying pan for about 5 minutes on each side.... serve with a side salad and fried rice. Its actually very yummy!


  1. Oh, that chicken did make me laugh! Definately a case of TMI. What does Chris' sandstorm headgear say? Happy to be a part of... ???

    Lovely blog!

  2. The chicken recipe does sound yummy.

    Love the pic of Chris in his sandstorm headwear - do you have one...are you gonna share pics if you do LOL

    Toni :o)

  3. LOL at Chris. the recipe sound good think I will give it a try, although I will probably get British chicken from Asda not sure where I can buy Brazilian chicken lol :)

  4. Yum, chicken tonight, I may just do that recipe. Love the sndstorm gear. LOL

  5. wow great sandstorm gear imgain a sandstorm how funny

  6. DEFINATELY too much information on the chicken packet! LOL

  7. i love getting little glimpses into what your life is like over there..seems very surreal at LOVE bacon sarnies

  8. Annette, just seen your new Avatar over on UKS - so cute, and sooooooo you LOL

    Toni :o)

  9. Thanks for your comment and for dropping by my blog. CUTE kitten and LOL on the frozen chicken. Recipe sounds yummy - I am allergic towards ginger - but everything else sounds good - might try it as we eat a lot of chicken here.

  10. Just seen your post on UKS - bacon butties, and pork (with or without) scratchings, you are suffering, aren't you?!

  11. "Slaughtered by hand"...hmmm, well it's nice of them to tell you that at least!

    Thanks for the recipe by the way, I'll give that a go if I can ever afford the ingredients. :)

    Oh, and tell Chris from me that he has a nice smile.


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