Saturday, 14 March 2009

I'm back online again...

Had a few problems getting the internet to play nicely in the new house, but it did mean that I had no alternative but to get the boxes unpacked, stuff put away and everything in its place!! ;)
Just a few days and we will be heading home to Scotland for our leave.... I'm asking my friend Sarah to get the smoked streaky bacon and bread all bought and in the fridge ready for me so that I can get the grill going and have a bacon sarnie as soon as I arrive home!! Mmmmmm... yummmmm!

This is the mode of transport they appeared with to move us with.... I have to admit.... I was totally unimpressed to have my belongings plonked onto the back of a flatbed truck without so much as a canvas to cover them.... I mean what did they think I was a hill billy? Anyways, everything arrived in one piece and nothing got lost or broken so I guess that makes it ok?? ;)

Our first night in the new house and we had the most glorious sunset to look out upon...

This is the beach at the new compound.... and of course that sign doesn't say no photography allowed!!!

So this is the new place... be it ever so humble... its home for now!!


  1. Happy New Home VV !
    It looks absolutely charming.
    You've made my mouth water talking about bacon sarnies....!
    Have a lovely journey to Scotland.

  2. I am so glad you all settled in. The sunset is glorious, and the beach... I am sure you are looking forward to those bacon sarnies, I would too!

  3. Glad the move went okay - did everything fit?

    Lovely to have you back on-line.

    Toni :o)

  4. lad you are all settled in and back online, we were missing you around here!

  5. Pleased to have you back in cyberland! Glad the move went well - enjoy that bacon sarnie - I can smell it already!

  6. Glad you are all settled in!!!

  7. Glad you got everything moved swiftly and safely.
    See you next week when you are home in Scotland.

    PS I am just back from weekedn retreat but I will reply to your email once I have checked when we can get together.

  8. I guess compared to the previous place this one looks modest but it still looks great. Glad all went well with the move.

    Have to say - your life seems terribly busy and exiting! It was so nice to catch up on everything that you did the past couple of months.

    Hope to get back to being a regular blogger again now.


  9. I enjoyed reading through your blog. Enjoy your new home....the beach sure looks inviting!

  10. Happy new home, Annette! Hope you have a little more time to settle into this one, and that you make some more good friends in the compound.

  11. Oh Hun...sorry you had to experience the local movers. Though it looks like yours was better packed than my first experience with these fellas!

    Glad the move went well, seems to be the nature of things here. We move three times in our first 2 years here.

    Have an awesome holiday and a sarnie for me when you get home.
    Get in touch when you get back in Kingdom and we'll catch up!

  12. I can't help but wonder if you took Gypsy with you?

  13. Hope you are settled in your new place and what did happen to Gypsy. Enjoy you time back over here, but dont make yourself sick eating to many bacon butties :-)

  14. Sunny greetings from Germany - and happy Easter
    your Kwebbel

  15. Missing you !
    Happy Easter V.V. x


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