Monday, 27 April 2009

Jigsaw Puzzle Piece 3

Another piece completed! This piece belongs to She and her request involved browns and 'grunginess' and oh... yes, a mini book!! LOL Well, I figure I got 70% of it covered... as I haven't a cookin' clue how to make this appear 'grungy' and in the words of a Meatloaf song 'two out of three aint bad'....
This is the mini book, which is attached with magnet so She can remove it if she wishes.

I made the pages little pockets and put tags inside them (and yes, you can see the size of the little beggar as that is my thumb nail in a lovely shade of green polish)!!

These are the tags, not having a remit for a theme for the mini book I have used quotes from the brilliant book by Kobi Yomada titled She.... which I figured was appropriate!!
If anyone wants to see a absolutely stunning version of this, they should take a look at the one that Shaulean (a fellow DT member of Angels Crafts) made.

So, I'm off to start on another jiggie piece... what's the betting she wants a mini book too??!!


  1. I think you've achieved 3 out of 3 Annette - grunge is different things to different folk.

    Super book and the jig-saw piece looks fab.

    Toni :o)

  2. Definately 3 out of 3! Or 10 out of 10! I love it. I can't wait to see it in the flesh! Thank you so much. Can't stop looking at it! xxx

  3. I came on here for a relaxing little peak at another stunning piece of art and I am walking away singing a Meat loaf song ... How did that happen! And definitely 3 out of 3!!!!

  4. Fab piece, wonderful take on the 'She'; love that book. Whistling meatloaf with Linda and feelin all grunged up now!!

  5. Absolutely lovely. The mini tags are wonderful. Can I be in your next swap? :)

  6. another great mini book :o)
    I think that I am going to have to try a mini book as I like working on a small scale and find it hard to fill a 12x12 piece without feeling it needs something have inspired me

  7. havent vted this blog for a while and i missed it looking on now xxx love your minibooks x
    Hope you are ok x

  8. Fantatic I just love how you have added the little book on the jigsaw piece.

  9. Wow , I love this piece !! i think it is perfectly grunged up !!! The She theme is just perfect too

  10. I may have to make a mini book like this but i would need more intructions as I've only ever made one using a BIA and its (really simple one)

    Love Dawn xx


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