Wednesday, 25 November 2009


What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday... created by Julia Dunnit (whos name always sounds like the answer to a question)... where people actually photograph their desks on a Wednesday and show what a state they are in...erm... or what they happen to be creating at that moment in time... but mostly involves a lot of messy desks that make me break out in hives!!  I have never joined in because my desk is usually pretty tidy as I am one of these folk that needs to tidy everything away between projects.  The rest of the room can look a mess (and usually does) but the desk needs to clean and tidy before I can start something new...but today it is a mess as I am trying to do three things at once... a book for a friend, another book for another friend and make some name places for Thanksgiving dinner... 12 of them...and Thanksgiving is tomorrow!!

Of course... if you see other peoples' messy desks... this one is pretty tame in comparison!!


  1. I'm like you have to be tidy before I start anything so I have never joined in this yet!!! Might have to do an AFTER play shot he he he...

    Good luck with getting all your project's completed on time :)...

  2. Tame??? Tame??? In my book ... that is spotless ... move ... now ... next door to me ... I will supply you with copious amounts of coffee ... you can suppress your hives with a spot of tidying ... in MY craft room ... Happily Ever After ... that's what I reckon anyways :0)

    Whatever you do ... avoid my blog today ... I am about to post my WOYWW and hives are not a good look at a Thanks giving dinner!!!!

    Have a great day XXX

  3. Oh yeah. That's tame. You may wanna visit mine before you eat your big ol' dinner tomorrow. I htought it was quite good this week too! More tothe point though, is what's being made and the book cover looks gorgeous..and the binding is well, impressive. Is that an ATG gun I see at right? The more I see them the more I feel a need...

  4. With you on this one Annette - room can look like a bome has hit but can't work unless desk is reasonably tidy...I like my own space at crops too. I don't mind if the space is small but I tend to get a bit huffy if folk spread into it (does that make me a grump?)

    Toni :o)

  5. This is an interesting desk ...I keep wondering what certain bits are going to become!

    Love your boxes on the previous post.


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