Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Just a quick catch up...

My Mum mentioned she had been on my blog and it was still talking about Thanksgiving... so I thought I had better take a break from scrapping and shopping and doing 'stuff' and announce that I am still here... just a bit snowed under - if a person in the desert can be snowed under!!

So this is my Journal Your Christmas book for this year... I have completed half a dozen pages so I am lagging behind the prompts... will promise to buckle down and complete some more in the next couple of days!!

This is a canvas I have done for my friend Ping for Christmas (think I am pretty safe putting it on here as her internet speeds are as awesomely slow as my own so blog hopping is not part of her agenda)!!

Here are some close-ups of the bits... I may not have finished tweaking it yet... depends on my available time before Christmas!!

This is another Christmas pressie, for my friend Trudie, its one of the picture frame versions so stand up as a display album.

Here's a close up of the flowers and pearls and bits!! ;)

Oh and look what I had the compound joiner knock up for me!!  Two little cat houses for TomTom and Pandora... of course, neither of them is willing to step in and look around.... what did I expect? LOL

Her's TomTom looking so cute and obviously preferring the old cardboard box!

This is Pandora who prefers the back of my sofa for any napping....


  1. Lovely items Annette, such beautiful gifts.

    How could you have expected anything else from your furry-folk LOL

    Toni :o)

  2. Love the canvas and your little cat house are soooooooooooo fab! Talk about luxury (with you there - only the best for my poochie too!).

  3. Bet the sight of my desk this morning made your teeth itch huh!! Explanation tomorrow, but no excuse, as usual!
    Love the kity cat homes..perhaps you should ram the box inside one!

  4. I wondered where you were - I see you appear to be drowning in projects that need to be finished - I know the feeling but side tracked myself with sorting my stamps out LOL!

  5. lovely work as always...totally adore the jyc cover and your gifts are super pretty!

    hope you get out from under that *snow* soon, eh? ;)

  6. wow what a beautiful things you have made

  7. The canvas is just beautiful, and will undeoubtedly be a real winner with the recipients.
    As for the cats and their lovely new homes, wouldn't you just KNOW they'd ignore them (on principle, being cats!). I bet they'll try them out when you're not looking!

  8. All gorgeous as usual Annette.
    Why do animals never like the nice little houses we have built for them? my labrador had a beautiful 4 poster bed - wouldn't lie on it

  9. Beautiful projects Annette, the gifts are amazing as is your JYC... love the stars going down the side.

  10. Forgot to do the word verification thingy before I closed the box! Doh! Try again!

    Love all your projects Annette - the pressies will go down a storm I shouldn't wonder. Loving the JYC - especially the stars going down the side :)

  11. Oh! There was no word verification. I must be going mad. Sorry if you now have a double post :P

  12. Beautiful canvases!

    I have a question... on your JYC book, you've bound it in two sections. I want to do that! But I can't work out how you measure the distance from the edge to each set of holes (if that makes sense) so that you can accurately align the inner pages when you punch them.

    Any tips?! I only have a blue BIA, so no snazzy pull out measuring thingy like you get on the pink one.

  13. wow! so beautiful! love your JYC!
    merry christmas hugs mx

  14. Hey Hon, i am still around - just be sick and out of it for a while. Your gifts are stunning - but of course!! I have a few JYC pages done but like you need to catch up. Maybe we should get together - have our own little retreat and finish it up.
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. ((Hugs)) S


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