Saturday, 15 May 2010

Catwoman Returns...

I haven't seen Catwoman (named for obvious reasons) for a couple of months, she was always extremely shy and crept about late in the evening to see what food had been left in the porch.  Last time I saw her, she was looking very pregnant and we failed at trapping her numerous times.  Last night she turned up to see what she could scrounge and if you look closely at the entrance to the porch you will spot she was not alone!! 

I was warned off by some snarls, growls and howls so after plonking some kitten food and biscuits down I retreated with camera and tried to get a couple of photos.  Sorry the quality is so dodgy, it was dark and they weren't in a posing mood!! LOL

Hopefully if they keep coming back we will be able to trap them and take them to the vets, get Kitty's eye treated and Catwoman fixed.

Phantom looks to be the culprit as the two were quite an item before I trapped him and he went off to be 'sorted'!!   As you can see, the gene pool is quite small in the feral cats in the compound as Phantom is half brother/father to my Pandora - a fact that Chris says explains a lot about her personality or lack of!! 
Lots of people ask what is going to happen to them all when I leave in two weeks... luckily there are quite a few of us soft touch types so they will just call by at a different house for their hand-outs.  Pandora and TomTom will go with us but as much as I would like, we can't save them all. :(

Here is another needy character... Jingle Bells/Peg Leg/ Mena, she got attacked by a dog and her owners didn't take her to the vet so she has a crippled paw and spends most of her time laying in my porch and demanding food at regular intervals. Note the colour combo??  When asked if we have seen a certain cat I always say... would it be black and white?? LOL


  1. I bet its going to be a tough time leaving them but as you say there are others around to watch over them :)

  2. The kitten is beautiful ..she must have lost the rest of the litter. Thank goodness I dont live near you ...I'm sure I would adopt at least half ... I just cant say no.

  3. You have done such a great job for these cats Annette, they are sure gonna miss you!

  4. Aw I bet they will miss you as much as you will miss them. I guess you will be winging your way back to Blighty about now hunny... just wanted to say hi and.. I finaly got around to using some of the divine goody bag you sent me... tis on me Sunday Stamper today :O)) Hugs xx


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