Monday, 9 August 2010

A bird in the hand...

When we were out shopping at the weekend I spied this bird cage in Sears and as it had 30% off I had to buy it... it will be perfect for the high shelf and wall at the top of the stairs that I had a play with last week!

OK... so Chris sort of looked at me oddly when I put it in the basket but I had seen one previously and it was $150.00 so at $49 less 30% it was a bargain!!  He still can't see why buying something I didn't need for a greatly reduced price was a great money saving enterprise....

These are the cupcake plates I found on eBay before I left Scotland... and they survived the journey!!  Aren't they cute?  I especially love the little individual ones for serving cupcakes.
I am hoping to make an IKEA trip later this week to buy Expedits for the scraproom!  I have my eye on a few bits and pieces so just need to measure up the basement and raid Chris' wallet and I could be scrapping soon!!


  1. You buy the coolest things ... I want the birdcage in my room please ... you know ... for when I come visit :0)

  2. Loooove the birdcage... I think I should have it in MY room though... that Linda has a cheek hasn't she ROFL

    Loving your crockery too hun... so cute! x
    BTW.. Alf is still kitty tower-less... I investigated them... £99!!!!!! *swoons*

  3. What lovely purchases.

    Those cupcake plates are fab.

    Toni :o)

  4. Love , love, love that birdcage and the cupcake plates are simply the cutest.....have fun in IKEA.

  5. Love the birdcage and love the cup cake plates even more.

  6. That BC is amazing quirky but just looks perfect in situ.

  7. That cage is just darling and just goes so perfectly with your wonderfully decorated space

  8. Do u have the name of the company of the cupcake stand and plates? I am doing a cupcake party for my daughter.

  9. Connster, I bought the cupcake stand and little plates on eBay from this person
    I couldn't find a contact email for you so hope you find this reply!!


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