Sunday, 30 October 2011

Steampunk Dolly AKA 'SuperMum'

I finally finished her... and she is kinda cute in a not very cute way and she has been named SuperMum!!
and she appears to have some 'borg-like' features.... (wonder if Chris will like her as he has always had a thing for 7 of 9 from Star Trek) ;)
Her 'body' is made from a Bisto Gravy granule tub... yep I have a heap of them so they get pulled out for all sorts of projects!!
No dolls were harmed in the creation of this project.... oh alright... one little dolly got hurt!!
This is inside the dolly...  being a supermum meant she had to have a huge heart
and that special feature that all supermum's require... an eye in the back of her head...
Now I need to get back to the LP mini book... I think I have a plan!!


  1. A fantastic project and a very clever idea. She reminds of a toy from the kids film Toy Story.

  2. That is so darn cute, I love it! Perfect, eyes in the back of her head and a big heart. You have a winner!

  3. Strange but cute...very clever Annette - love the eye in the back of the head LOL

    Toni xx

  4. She sort of reminds me of a pug dog... so ugly that it's cute *lol* She is pretty awesome!

  5. Erm. OH. FAB!! I can see you had fun there. Love the Borg-esque detail. We have a standing joke around here about the chaps that walk around the village and sit in the pub with the old blue tooth thingys in their ears,like they're security or really really important and need tot ake a million phone calls....we call them Grandad of 7 0f 9.

  6. Oh my word Annette that is amazing - where do you get your inspiration! Now where is the youngest's tiny tears (only joking!!)

  7. That is brilliant, disturbing but brilliant. lol

  8. That is one awesome steampunk dolly.
    Love her insides and the eye in the back of the head made me laugh out load too!
    BTW you are welcome to come ad play in my craft room any time!

  9. This may be the most impressive piece I have seen you make, yet. It is truly awesome. Great doll with her eye in the back of her head and her larger than life heart.

    Of course, I like the Borg reference, too. I thought I was probably the only one who ever watched Voyager, since it was the least loved ST series.

  10. absolutely brilliant (in a creepy sort of way) the eye in the back of her head!! really sensational sculpture.

  11. Annette, I love this. I have seen altered dolls before and cringed at the sight of them but I love this one.
    Fabulous thinking behind such things as the big heart and the eye in the back of her head - in short - I love it!

    Hugs, Neet x

  12. LOve it! shes so me! I have of those eyes too! stunning.


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