Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday - 14th December 2011

A big fat mess?  Not totally, I am working on my Journal Your Christmas book... 
I have been making these little folders to slip into the pockets of the Christmas tree... I know... this is going to be amusing as I don't think there is enough room between the pages to make them all fit!!
and this is what my floor was like a little while ago...all those white spots?  Glitter... lots of glitter... a certain little fur person stole a packet of glitter off my desk and had a lovely time with it all over the carpet...
then went to bed and pretended it had nothing to do with her...
Don't forget to check out Julia's for the linky list of desks... you'll be amazed at the wonderful stuff you find!


  1. Pandy's in trouble now! Yep, I've had kitty induced glitter, but only in my basement studio where the floor is easy to clean. And your carpet looks like it would clean well, too.

    I do have to agree that the inserts are fairly large and bulky for that tree. But what do I know? I've never made one, so I'm sure it will be full of "comfort and joy" right about Christmas!

    Guess you know I'm # 5 since you've been to my place already.

  2. hiya love the look of your pockets im sure they will fit!OMG..i bet your carpet was just bling!
    Could you do me a favour email me Elizabeths home addy she did ask me to ask email is on my blog hunni if you dont mind just got wee something to send her.As her emails still not working she has asked me to get addy off you hope thats ok?
    Have fab wednesday hugs judex10

  3. We may have different views on messy! I think my cats only ever trashed kitchen roll! At worst the inserts will be a creative opportunity eh! ;)

  4. Might not hurt to send Jude Bleubeard's address, too, since there might be more than one Elizabeth around (grin). I also told Neet she could get my address from you, but I couldn't find your e-mail address on your blog. If possible, I would appreciate it!

  5. I firmly believe if the carpet doesn't have glitter on it or my hands have paint ground into them then my week has been an awful one... so to me your pic means you have had the most marvellous week... glitter on ...xx

  6. Oh dear, did certain little someone get into trouble for that glitter? Thinking about it when I had both my cats neither of them came into my stamping room - probably too much of a mess for them.
    Mmm... journal tree with pockets, sounds good, will have to watch out for it on your blog. My tree did not seem to be a full one with one book so now resides as half a tree awaiting its other half to be made - when?
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet xx

  7. OMG! Your kitty looks like my kitty who also likes to steal cellophane packets of glitter! Skitty actually likes to hear the crackle of the packet more then the glitter but it still makes a mess! Hope your pages fit the book! Thanks for sharing! Have a great week and Happy Holidays! Vickie #35

  8. Love those pockets - sounds a great idea and hope we see the finished article.
    My own glitter is spread personally, I need a big clean up....

  9. Good morning; thought I'd pop in to say Hi quickly. Hope you have a fabulous and creative week. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us today. Don't talk to me about cats and glitter; mine also have "don't look at me I'm innocent" stare mastered too!
    Neil #13

  10. I hope your certain little person at the very least made her Christmas cards while playing with the glitter :-)
    A x

  11. Puss in glitter eh? Little rogue. It will be interesting to see the tree plus all the little pockets filled. I reckon it will be massive. LOL

  12. What's Christmas without glitter? Sorrel ended up with some on her nose yesterday, wow 'altered dog'.
    Love the little pockets, a great idea.
    Ann B

  13. 'What, little me? Make all that mess?' It's written large on her face!! Mind you, I'm so ham fisted, I could do worse than that all by myself :)
    Hugs, LLJ #34 xx

  14. I love those pockets and it will be novel to put soe in between the folds of the tree. Doesn't the little glitter minx look cool laid back there as if he is an angel?
    Re the pasties on my blog... they were ginormous for £3.50, definitely for sharing, and the average normal on is usually under £2.Thanks for visiting...
    JoZarty xxx

  15. Great idea , love those pockets!
    Have a great creative Wednesday!!

    Hugs Marleen #12

  16. I've made a couple of those magazine trees for this Christmas - think you might struggle fitting all your pockets/tags in...then again, it will just make a veeeeery fat book so back to normal for your Chrimbo journal LOL

    Pandy looks like butter wouldn't melt hehe - was she covered too?

    Toni xx

  17. Love those pockets, a cat & glitter a match made in heaven, mine is mostly covered in the stuff as she gets into places she's not supposed too, but crafting would'nt be the same without her, Happy Weds, Hugs May x x x

  18. Oh my gosh Voodoo. You always crack me up!

    Happy Woyww from #1 (Wheeeee!!!)

  19. Clear floor! oh no, mine is still knee deep!! Have a crafty week! Thanks for my snoop! HaPpY WoYwW!
    ((Lyn))) #40

  20. Hopefully the inserts will fit, if not, I'm sure you'll work something out! Look at Pandys little face, how could you possibly accuse her of any wrong doing, lol! But isn't she supposed to be inside that cat bed and not on top of it??!

    Brenda 68

  21. Ah kitty glitter - the special brand that can be found in any room in the house, and on all furniture, regardless of height from the floor! Think my kitty produces his own from somewhere!

    Happy woyww

    debs #89

  22. i do hope santa brings you a video machine maker for Christmas so you too can make videos of how to craft (or not...)

    see you next weds,

    dx (90)

  23. Kitty's and Glitter oh my! I have the feeling it's all more than worth it! Happy WOYWW #85 ~Robin Panzer Art Studio 33

  24. HI Annette, butter would not melt in that cat's mouth :) The labels look great but I really don't know how you are going to fit them on that tree - look forward to seeing how it looks when completed. Elizabeth x #66

  25. awhhh I love how your kitty is trying to look all innocent!

  26. That sweet face would never swipe the glitter packet! Never!

  27. Those pockets are interesting, hope you do a picture of them in situ.
    My carpet is often covered in glitter and bits, especially when my little miss decides to to art on the floor.
    Have a great christmas
    Von #14

  28. Those pockets look great, hope they fit lol
    Bridget #24

  29. Oh my, kittie and glitter! She doesn't all glittered up though! I played with some glitter glue this morning and luckily it stayed only where I wanted it!

    It's Sunday here and I'm finally getting around to visiting the last posts from WOYWW 132! Finally. If only I could take a day off work to just take sneak peeks!

    WOYWW #81

  30. Your girt should be arriving soon., I mailed it the first of the month, I just hope it gets to you in time. Have a wonderful Christmas in case I don't get back online before then. You know I'll be thinking of you. (I'm at Scott's and writing this from his computer)


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