Wednesday, 18 April 2012

WOYWW 18th April 2012

This is my desk this week, 9 little sets of book covers for an altered jigsaw swap I am in!!  The theme is the Queen's Jubilee so I just need to put the pages together and finish them off...
and this is the state of play with the scrap room at the moment... yep, halfway through the packing up bit, which I hate to do... but the men come next week to lay new flooring in every room of the house and they don't want any 'stuff' about...
This is the pile of boxes of the scrap stuff I have managed to pack so far... I think it may end up double that number before I finish... then I need to do the other rooms!!  Eeeeek!!  We are putting the cats into the cattery for four days so they don't escape while the flooring gets ripped up and replaced... :(  
I haven't let them in on that little titbit yet....
though Pandy has her suspicions....


  1. Good morning Anette. Seems like we are w wee bit early for Julia today.
    I do not envy you having to pack everything up again, but you must be a pro by now. I refuse to pack up my house, I feel like my dear mom used to - the second wife can pack all this, I aint doing it! after 30 years of living in one house can you imagine the amount of stuff we have collected?

  2. your room is starting to look very bare,hope it all goes well,cats are very aware so be prepared for a last minute break out! glad you can still find time for some relaxing crafting though.
    have a fab crafty week and
    happy woyww

  3. Oh...packing up everything. We did that a few years back when we put in wood floors. It's a pain to do this, but the finished updates are so worth it. Your cats are so cute, and I think they know something is going on and if they are like our animals...they aren't going to like the disruption to their routine. Your desk is toooooo organized.

  4. I would send the cats a day early cos in my experience you wont find them when you want to on the day... Interesting looking project on your desk.

  5. Gosh, time is flying isn't it - hope all goes well with the packing.

    Toni xx

  6. Interesting 9 books on your desk - for a jigsaw swap? No doubt all will be revealed.
    Hope your new home has a room you can use that is comparable to the one you are leaving behind - I just loved your room.
    Good luck with the puddy tats!
    Hugs, Neet (no number either)

  7. OMG, I would not like to be in your shoes, though it will be nice when the floors are in I'm sure! Those book covers look great by the way!

    Happy WOYWW!

  8. Oh bless you. Hope the new floor goes down to plan and you can get back to normality again.
    A x #19

  9. Aw I don't envy you the task of packing up, I am still traumatised from the move we had two years ago lol Good luck with the rest of the *p* word... and snuggles for the kitties x

  10. Look at it this way, dear friend: the more you pack now, the less you need to pack when the movers arrive to take you HOME (for the final time). I bet both you and Chris will be so happy to see him retire. No more globe hopping, except on your own terms!

    Leave it to Pandy to figure things out. After all, she IS your snoop (er, I mean baby).

  11. Forgot to mention. I didn't play this week, because I have a BIG day including continuing cleaning up the aftermath of Sat. night/Sun morning's tornado.

  12. Looks like a very cool little book in progress. Amazing that you can keep creating while needing to box everything up - and then a few days later put it all back. Yuck! But, new floors are totally worth it! Keep'll be over soon.

  13. I was about to comment about how clean your room was until I read the post....packing it up is cheating!!! LOL!

    kyla #105

  14. It's actually the same when a company moves you across country or another state. As long as they are packing the boxes, you are at their mercy and their insurance. Yep, I remember those days, too. In the states, it's mostly that they worry about booze and fireworks. Can't think of anything else since there are no customs involved. I know some states won't allow your plants and flowers, but that is mainly CA. and AZ. where there is some kind of bug or fly that could get on the farm crops.

    So, I assume you will be taking much of what you bought in Canada home with you to sort through over a period of three months. Will the IKEA stuff stay with you or stay in Canada? What about that dining room and kitchen sets? It seems weird you have to buy so many things each time you move.

    No, you don't look old enough to retire, and neither does Chris, but for some reason, I thought you said this was Chris's last assignment. Of course, my addled brain must have dreamt it. So, do you know where you are going, yet? Will you be able to take Pandy and Tom-Tom? Yep, these are all questions you need to address in a few blog posts while you are packing your belongings or waiting for the movers (grin).

  15. Not sure how I missed your post yesterday, I blame Julia for changing the time she posts, LOL!. Good luck with the packing up - looks like you've made a decent start at it... and hope the floor laying goes well.
    Your altered jigsaw swap sounds fun. I am sure we'll see more of them later...Helen, 10

  16. OK, I'm officially stalking you. I miss you! I bet Chris is home and you two are playing hookie or something similar!


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