Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas is nearly here...

I think I am ready... I actually like it when it gets this close because anything I haven't done, isn't going to get done!!  The pressure is off and I can sit back a little and just enjoy it!!

Yesterday I baked gingerbread cookies!!  I have a teensy confession, I have never baked Christmas cookies before.  I know, it is a shock, I am obviously such a domestic goddess that it is incomprehensible to think that I haven't done so before but at the ripe old age of fifty mumble mumble 6 I decided it was time to do so!
I must have missed the memo that this was a bonding exercise with your kids, mixing and weighing and baking and decorating... but it's not too late and I have Christopher here for Christmas for the first time in 5 years, so bake I did!
So when I saw this cookie cutter online I had to have it... I mean, this cookie cutter was made with me in mind!! This is the photo supplied with the cutter....
and this is my version.... ok, ok, it doesn't look exactly like it should but Christopher ate it and said it was 'cool'!!
So I got carried away with my success and proceeded to bake a tray of discombobulated gingerbread men... they are cute cookie cutters with bites taken out of them...
Well, why would I want to make little Christmas trees and stars when I could have fun like this!!
So the stockings are hung and the table is laid...
the tree is up and the presents are wrapped...
and Tom-Tom wore his reindeer ears for at least 30 seconds whilst wrapped in my pink blanket...
and Pandy was having none of it so I had to improvise...

So all is left to do is to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2013


  1. Merry Christmas Annette, you look all prepared and ready, loving the cookies - awesome stuff! Hope you have a good one!

  2. Merry Xmas ! I can see there are poor tortured animals in your house too, LOL. Have a look at my blog

  3. I LOVE the gingerbread men, brilliant idea!

    Hope you have a lovely festive period


  4. What fun gingerbread men.

    Mum decided she needed a quick visit to Morrison's supermarket today (umm, forget the quick bit). The carpark was like a scrapyard of abandoned vehicles...on the grass, off the grass, double parked, illigally parked - you name it, there was an example of it.

    However, we did manage to get in and your pics of TomTom & Pandy reminded me of the staff all trotting around with their festive headgear LOL.

    Have a wonderful holiday Annette and wishing you all the very best for 2013.

    Toni xx

  5. Although I'm not at home, I'm still here to wish you a joyous and happy Christmas.

    I had to laugh at those cookies. They look SO YOU. What fun it must have been making them and you and Christopher get to eat them and snap your crackers (at least it LOOKED like crackers on the table).

    Did you ever get my e-mail asking for your address and sending mine? I've had your present ready for ages, but no address. It may BE Valentine's day before our packages find their way to each other (grin).

    Have a wonderful Christmas and I know we'll "see" each other in 2013.

  6. I forgot to mention how much I laughed at Tom-Tom. He actually looked like he wasn't hating the ears like Pandy did.

  7. Lovely to see Tom Tom and Pandy looking so festive (even if Pandy was Photoshopped a bit). Lovely to find you again as I have not seen you around (meaning on WOYWW). Now for a scroll through your recent posts.
    Happy New Year!
    Neet xx


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