Monday, 28 July 2014

Enjoying settling back into 'normal' life...

OK... not totally, because sorting out a decade of moving from one place to the next with a few weeks at home to shove the boxes into attics or any other nook and crannie available is not always fun... but you find some stuff that you forgot you had and you find a lot of stuff you wish you didn't have... LOL
Chris and I have now cleared the top of the garage and I even unpacked the last few boxes from 2006 when we came back from South Africa!!  There is only so much African anything that one person can find a spot in their home for.... so most of it went straight to the local charity barn.
we then started on the attic... OMGosh... years and years of  wonderful memories rubbish was disposed of... it took us 5 loads to the local recycle centre as well as a few deliveries to the charity place but it now a very organised and slimline version of what it used to be!  A shelved section for Christmas decorations, another one for my son's childhood toys, a section for our suitcases... voila!! :)
Other than that and a quick trip down south to look at apartments and visit family, I have spent days sorting rooms and cupboards...


  1. Wow well done you. I'm thinking of leaving my forwarding address at our local tip so they know where to post our Christmas card too cos we must surely be on their list now having been so many times lately :-)
    Annie x

  2. Only last Wednesday I thought to myself "I wonder where Voodoo Vixen is? She hasn't been on here for AGES!"
    So good to see your name pop into my blog feed again. Welcome back, I have missed you

  3. Glad to see you back in Blog land, are you back in UK for good now?

  4. I'm simply THRILLED you are back. It doesn't seem there's a week goes by I don't mention you on my blog. I have missed you SO much!!

    Now what is this about "apartments" in the south? Inquiring minds want to know. You can't just leave us hanging like that.

  5. So glad you have finally landed long enough to post....LOL
    Oh yes, you have been missed, GLAD to have you back with us.

  6. Welcome back to blogland!! We sure have missed you. Hope you get everything sorted and you can start making fantastic projects again very soon! Don't want much, do we?!

  7. Welcome back Annette, you have been greatly missed.
    Well done you on all the organising and getting straight - not the most wonderful of jobs.
    So glad to have you back.

    Toni xx

  8. Oh I've missed your posts, I wondered where you'd 'pop up' next and more to the point where you'd be - sorting loft spaces never fun, but very therapeutic when it's done! Now the question is where are you off to next and do you get chance to scrap before you go?

  9. Hope you soon get back to crafting. Miss your fab work in blogland.
    Whats this about down south?
    Neet cxc


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