Sunday, 7 September 2014

Still buried under boxes....

I kid you not!! LOL  I get rid of stuff and yet still I am surrounded by boxes... of course, it doesn't help when the shipment from Australia arrived and I had even more of them to deal with... and then started to question the sanity of having a kitchen reno done at the same time... hmmmm, in hindsight it was probably not one of my more clever ideas!!
So the wall between the dining room and the kitchen had to come down...

and they built me a pantry... isn't it the mostest fabby doozy pantry?  I love it to bits...

and this is the state of play with the kitchen at the moment... we moved some doors, removed some doors, took down part of a wall and then put it all back together again...
So I am still about... just not playing in the scraproom at the moment... think it could be a wee while yet before I get round to doing that.
Chris leaves for his latest assignment tomorrow... he is off to Holland and I get to stay home and sort the house... but I am looking forward to a trip or two to visit and see windmills!!


  1. You certainly don't do things by halves, do you Annette. Boxes & a re-fit...yikes!!!

    Love the pantry and I'm sure the kitchen will look amazing when it is finished.

    Toni xx

  2. It will be lovely when its finished! Enjoy sorting and tidying then go and see the windmills. x Jo

  3. I almost have pantry envy simply because it is new. My pantry has been there over 100 years and needs a good redecorate. You kitchen looks lovely, I am gong to have one one day................ a new one I mean I do have one, I am sure I have seen it somewhere..... but if I have a new one I would have to use it, yes? Hmmmm nope I am not getting caught up in domestic shi..... stuff again, it interferes with my scrapbooking

  4. Looking good already.....I can't wait to set up our new kitchen/dining room....that is of course when it's built :-)
    Annie x

  5. I'm SO delighted to see the state of your kitchen, your pantry, AND your mind.

    At first I thought that bag on the kitchen floor was Tom-Tom, but I knew it was too light for either puss.

    For some reason, I thought Australia was Chris's final assignment. I know you will miss him terribly, but I also know you are going to love visiting Holland and taking photos there.

    BTW, welcome back to blogland. You've been sorely missed, dearie!

  6. Oh that pantry looks fabulous,yes!! "lucky" you getting to stay home and sort boxes... but at least it's a short haul flight to visit Chris (and the windmills!) Take care xx

  7. Oh Annette I wondered where in the world you were (literally), your kitchen is looking fantastic as is the pantry - fabulous space, I'm sure it will be worth it once it's completed.

  8. looking good. have missed your lovely posts, but now i understand . . . it will be well worth it SOON.

  9. Missing you in Blogland. Flat Susan is having a whale of a time with Eliza (Queenartoypia) and is likely to stay a while yet.
    Am hoping that by the time she returns to England and visits all the others you will be able to host her.
    I do not envy you all this work going on but just think of the fabulous kitchen you will be able to show us when it is finished.
    Enjoy Holland.
    Hugs, Neet xx


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