Friday, 10 October 2014

Spoiled Puttycats...

Probably not so much spoiled and more their humans wanting to remain partially sane....
We had a cat enclosure made for them so they can go outside and hunt dead leaves and sit in the sun (when there is sun) and at least feel as though they are part of the big bad world.
because they have had to be indoor cats whilst we were travelling, they have no road sense so would get hurt or worse so at least now they can venture out and see what is going on in the garden.
Pandy thinks it is wonderful and has been known to sit out on the high shelf even when its raining!
Tom-Tom thinks it isn't big enough... there is no pleasing some folk!!  Poor wee mannie, he has had a tough time of it over the last month or so... he got very stressed with the kitchen reno work and being shut in a room all day for a couple of weeks so I took them to the cattery for a couple of weeks hoping that would help... it didn't... so a trip to the vet and some tablets and calming medicine and lots of Feliway plug ins and spray and he is feeling much more like his laid back self now.  I know how he felt... I could have done with the calming medicine myself!! 


  1. How lovely that they now have a safe outside space.
    Poor Tom-tom...glad the meds helped.
    Toni xx

  2. Oh dear, so sorry to hear about Tom Tom not being well. I hope he settles soon and enjoys his new pad. What lucky Puss's they are to have such a lovely home.
    So good to see them.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  3. That's a brilliant idea for the cats. Pleased you like my arm, well you know what I mean even if no-one else reading this does Lol!
    Hugs, Angela x

  4. Your Tom Tom looks like his mom was also the mother of my Marmalade! They look so alike! Good idea to build them a run of sorts so they get to be out, but safe. My Marmalade adopted us in January this year and so is fairly road savvy...I hope, he does give me grey hairs when he is not home at the usual hour!

  5. Oh so unsettling for the cats Annette - I had to giggle at your calming medicine requirements though tee hee!

  6. lucky cats! so much better for them to be able to get out even in a small(ish) space.

  7. I have NO idea what a Feliway plug in is, but if it made Tom-Tom more himself, that's all that counts.

    I hope your stress leaves you very, very soon, because I can't wait for you to finish you AB (HINT) and show off your kitchen during T time (another HINT). But seriously, I can't wait to see when you reveal your final craft room for us.

    Great photos of the "kids." They look ready to pounce, though (grin).


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