Monday, 22 September 2008

Horses sweat, men perspire and ladies gently glow...

so I guess you can call me a horse then.... LOL Its been a busy couple of days unpacking and exploring the house and re-arranging everything that DH has.... so now he can find nothing! ;) Spent the morning getting photos taken and wandering around the local hospital for a medical so they will put the stamp in my passport for a resident.... completely ignoring the fact that I did all this at their request a couple of weeks ago to get my visa!! I figure you all would love a good laugh so got DH to take a photo as I left the house this morning... very fetching eh? ;)

I think I have located a good scrapping spot!! (One must get one's priorities right and I will start to homify the place later). At the top of the stairs there is this large landing and a sort of smallish lounge which nobody will miss, seeing as how we have two of them downstairs, and I think it will be perfect for scrapping... and has a lovely large balcony off from it that overlooks the sea... so if I get scrappers block I can go and look at the ocean!!

Here's a pic of the back of the house and the middle large balcony is the one that leads off from the scraproom to be.

Just got an email to say that our shipment has cleared customs and is ready to be delivered!! Yahooooo! I never thought it would be that quick and it will be great to have all my stash again... oh and some kitchen stuff.... LOL

Last night I met my new neighbour, Odelia, who is a scrapper too! She's lovely and has 2 small boys, Kyler and Merrick, who are just gorgeous and will be appearing in a mini book near you in the near future!! :)


  1. It all looks wonderful Annette, can't wait to see the mini lounge become your scrap area.

    Toni :o)

  2. Oooh - it all looks wonderful! Love the mini lounge - and the gorgeous balcony! Just think - scrapping with all that lovely sunshine just outside - bliss!

  3. It all looks beautiful Annette, that new scrapping spots looks ideal.
    Wish was there too!

  4. Glad you've arrived safely, Annette! It looks far too hot for that clothes. I really feel sorry for you having to wear it all the time.

    Well, what's the chances of having a neighbour who scraps?? Wow! :)

    Loving your soon-to-be scrap room.


  5. Glad you got there safe and sound X

  6. Love the new scrap space to be!!!
    Sorry but I did have a wee chuckle at you in your attire :-) bet you have felt like getting the bejewler out on it!!!
    Will miss you on Saturday.

  7. It all looks fabulous scrap sister!!! I can see that being a fab scrapping spot! Hope your supplies all arrive safely! Love Caroline x
    Glad you arrived safely!

  8. I am glad to see all is well. Can't wait to see what you do with your scrap area. Enjoy...

  9. Annette that looks GORGEOUS especially with sea view as well and how lucky to find a scrapper right next door LOL!

  10. So pleased you have a scrapping friend there Annette - how fun is that ! And two small boys ... in front of a beach ... you're made girl ! All those scrapping opportunities !!! YAY !!!!!!!!

    Miss ya loads xxxxxxxxx

  11. Wow - I'd love to swap my scrap room with yours!!!!

    Mine overlooks the top of our garage and a teeny bit of our back garden - that's when I can see out through the defunked Double Glazed window that has fogged up cos the seal has gone! lol


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