Saturday, 27 September 2008

Life's a Beach...

It was Chris' day off yesterday so we went for a walk along the beach before it got too hot. I had my new green Croc's on so could paddle in and out of the water - Chris eyed them with some horror so I informed him that they were all the rage.... his reply was "who for, ducks"? Hmmm, not a fan of the Croc look then? LOL Anyways, walking along pootling about in the shallows and we spotted little schools of fish (that doesn't look right, maybe its shoals of fish)? Anyways, these little groups of fish were so cute, some had the most amazing stripes and would come quite close if you stayed still and they didn't spot the bright green Crocs!!
I started picking up pretty little shells until one I picked up suddenly produced a head and some claws and said ' oy, this one's occupied'!! I put him back a bit nippish!! ;)
What a beautiful sight to wak up to every morning.... yep, life's a beach alright!!

My air shipment arrived!! Yippee. was that quick or what? Wednesday evening they delivered it and this is what Thursday morning looked like!
I have to admit.... I'm getting pretty good at this packing and unpacking game....
Chris and I went shopping to pick up some bits to make the scrap room workable... do you like my new PINK computer chair? Kewl or what!! I also picked up this drawer unit for embellies and inks and stuff so hopefully the scrap room will begin to get a bit tidier and I will get closer to being able to scrap again!!
When we were in the HUGE stor at the mall that sells all the electronic stuff Chris showed me their craft section.... oh my, I was away with the fairies... found these extremely large sheets of coloured chipboard for silly money (about £2 a sheet) so my biggest fear of running out of materials to make mini books is now allayed!!
So, its coming together... the computer is set up, my new pink chair is in place and I am almost ready to go...
Once I put that lot away...
oh and put that lot away... but the unit from the spare bedroom with all the cupboards is going to be great...
and I have a quiet zone at the other side.... to sit with a magazine and get inspired....


  1. Looking good Annette...can't wait to see your first 'production' from abroad

    Toni :o)

  2. oks as though its all coming together nicely Annette. What a gorgeous view to wake up to in the morning - but I'm afraid I'm with Chris on the crocs!!!

  3. So glad all you things arrived in one piece. What fab room you have foor scrapping and inspiration I am not at all envious really I am not.:-)

  4. You are so on the ball Annette.. I love your pink chair :) Oh and that beach !!!! I am sure you cant wait to get scrapping ....

  5. I find it soooo exciting that you are now blogging from Saudi ... all that way away ... is that a tad odd???? I don't mean you were n't exciting before of course .... just more exciting now :0)

    Loving that drawer unit ... you should be able to get quite a bit of stash in that!!!

  6. The room is looking good!!! Love the pink chair and what a bargain with the chipboard!!

    You missed a great high tea and crop today.
    There were 6 new faces at the crop - Dawn, Sam and Diane that you know already. A girl called Nicola that we met in Holland and also Karen and Linda from Turriff whom you had met last year at scrapattack.

    We all missed you today

  7. Woo hoo! Starting to look REALLy good! And hurrah for cheap chipboard and cupboards with lots of drawers!

  8. I see you ARE allowed out without your abayah (sp?) on sometimes, then! Lol

    Loving the craft room. I love my green Crocs too! :)


  9. Glad to see you are settling in nicely Annette and once you have the craft room unpacked then you will feel right at home.

    Enjoy yourself

  10. I bet you can't wait to put all your belongings out and make it your home. Looking forward to seeing your scrapping area all set up and seeing some of your new creations :)

  11. I'm NOT jealous at all, how boring it must be to wake up to that view every day!!!! LOL, glad your getting organised, look forward to seeing your 1st creation soon, xx

  12. What a view from your windows, glad you are getting priorities right and getting your scrapping place sorted out.

  13. I have so loved reading this post Annette and literally laughed out loud {made the dog jump} at the little critter in the shell you picked up.
    Looking forward to reading more soon

  14. Its great Annette - and I love the beach, but have to say I agree with your dh on crocs - hate the things with a vengeance!!
    Donna x

  15. Wow - that looks fabulous!!!


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