Monday, 24 August 2009

Fairy Door and Mini Book

Yes indeed... it's a fairy door! :) I was looking through UK Scrappers the other day and came across a swap I really wanted to join... it was exchanging 'fairy doors' but i have so much going on and am on vacation in a few days so it wasn't an option to join the swap... but that doesn't stop me making one, does it?
The idea is that you have a fairy door in your home to invite the fairies in... and its pretty much up to you which fairy you want to visit, whether it be the 'clean the kitchen and bathrooms' fairy, or the 'vacuum and mop' fairy or my personal favourite, the 'ironing' fairy!! I made this one for a friend who leaving in a couple of days to start a new venture so I figure a fairy might come in handy... hope she likes it.

This is a mini book I made for a friend who wanted it as a gift for her friend.

Its all ready for said friend to add the photos, so hope she likes it.


  1. Wow!!! I love the fairy doors .....just beautiful, were they easy to make?, my little girl would love these, lovely book too, you amaze me and are so inspirational keep up the fab work!


  2. Of course she will like it ... it is a lovely mini book! I love your fairy door too ... I did n't realise only one fairy could come through any one door ... I am going to be busy ... I need to make about 50 fairy doors I reckon!

  3. Lovely mini book and I ADORE the idea of the fairy door. I am going to make one at once for my neice Mia's craft corner in the hope the fairy might help her keep it tidy LOL!

  4. I am in the fairy swap on UKS - and would have loved yours!! The mini book is lush, and I am sure your friend will love it!

  5. beautiful!love the door so sweet and the book as always your fab!

    Love Dawn xx

  6. The colours on the mini book are beautiful.

    That Fairy door is 'to die for' - you always seem to know just the right PPs to use for your projects - just fab Annette.

    Toni :o)

  7. So now I need to make a door for the ironing fairy, the cleaning fairy, the general domestic godess fairy, the cook the sunday roast fairy .... and all will be well!
    The mini book is absolutely gorgeous. Your friends' friend will be over the moon.
    S xx

  8. The fairy door is gorgeous Annette - I saw the article too but it's still on my list of things to do LOL! I also love the minibook absolutely gorgeous!



  9. Ooo, I love the fairy door. I don't have time to make one for every room though so do you think I could find myself a 'clean the whole house' fairy somewhere? x

  10. I have just started reading your blog. I love all of your mini-books, really inspiring. the Fairy Door is so pretty and such a lovely idea.
    Jackie :-)


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