Saturday, 29 August 2009

Fairy Door

Another fairy door, this one is for one of the ladies who is having a birthday tea this morning and as my card making skills are a bit iffy I hope she likes this instead!! LOL
This is it opened up with the fairy inside.

I put it in a little bag with a tag explaining about the fairy door (just in case she now has confirmation of my battiness and wonders what the heck it is)!!
"This is a fairy door. Every home should have one. It invites fairies into your home. It is entirely up to you which fiary you invite, be it the clean the kitchen and bathrooms fairy, the ironing fairy, the mopping and vacuuming fairy..."
Today we go home!! Yippppeeeeee... catching the plane this evening and by mid morning tomorrow I will be back in Scotland in my own house... with smoked streaky bacon waiting for me in the fridge!!! Yeah!! Bacon sarnies here I come.... so blog posts may be thin on the ground for the next two weeks.... I will be stash shopping and stash shopping and maybe even doing some stash shopping... eating bacon sarnies and pork chops, ham sandwiches, gammon steaks with pineapple, roast pork with crackling.... get the picture? ;)


  1. Oh, and whilst you are home you might want to do some stash shopping too LOL..."retailers, man your tills, Annette is coming home LOL"

    You and all your talk of bacon sarnies - you got me wondering now should I go and raid the freezer............

    The Fairy door is beautiful and such a lovely idea to put it in a bag.

    Toni :o_

  2. Love the fairy door, hope recipient likes it too.
    Have a safe trip and enjoy your ham,bacon,chops for the next 2 weeks :0).

    Hope you have a big enough suitcase for all that stash shopping!!!

    Take care

  3. Love the fairy door who could I make one for????
    Welcome back to Bonny Scotland ....Are you back for only 2 weeks? Enjoy all the Piggy things ...maybe there will be a Farmers Market near you during you time home. Where is home? You have probably said ans I've missed it. Take Care

  4. Your finishing touches always blow me away Annette - I love this little door and the bag and the tag ... it is all fabulous!
    Have a wicked time with your streaky bacon and your stash shopping hun X

  5. Beautiful work as always Annette, and as Linda says, the finishing touches really add an extra "wow" :)
    BTW... can you get turkey bacon out there? It's not half bad, in the absence of the real thing! :)

  6. Love the fairy door! Glad you get to be back home for a while. Enjoy!!!

  7. love this fairy door, beautiful!

  8. Hope you are having a wonderful time at home, pigging out on pork products, and indulging in just a little (who am I kidding?) stash shopping.

  9. That's a lovely card - and what a great idea!

  10. Oh wow, that is beautiful, I love the door and the great way you have presented it in the bage. Kim

  11. LOL have a great time stash shopping and eating bacon. x

  12. HOPE YOU HAVEING A FAB TIME STASH SHOPPING AND STASH SHOPPING... Please post pics of when all the stash arrives. xxxx

  13. Love your fairy doors. Enjoy your stash shopping.

  14. How funny, we already have all those fairies in our house.
    Your fairy door is beautiful, glad you had a fab time home.


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