Monday, 28 September 2009

OK... last fairy door for a while...

My neighbour at the back of me happened to see the previous fairy door and requested that I make one for her as she has a friend that is into fairies.... so here it is!!

Now I am going to sit and put the tutorial together for the covered spine o'wire books and chipboard box.... so you can all stop nagging - it may take a few days!! ;)


  1. I am loving that fairy ... not too cute ... bet she rolls up her sleeves and gets on with HW without moaning! Where do you live ... I may move next door :0)

  2. Ohh Annette I love your Faries, no wonder people are requesting them!!!

  3. As usual, absolutely beautiful. Will it help if I tell you I am really into fairies too??? LOL
    Whats going on at TMW? I haven't been able to log on in ages, have I been kicked off?

  4. Loved your fairy doors, they are so sweet, I didn't realise they were so teeny tiny! ANd good luck with that tutorial, am looking forward - but no pressure!

  5. I love these fairy doors, such a clever idea, and so beautiful
    K x

  6. All beutiful and wonderfully decorated. I am just catching up on yr blog it's been a while OOPS! but it is nice to come by and have a look at what you have been up to

    Love Dawn xx


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