Monday, 14 September 2009

That was it then...

My vacation that is... 2 weeks just vanished in a blink of the eye and here I am back in Saudi with the heat and humidity!! I did manage to have a meal out with some girlfriends and of course I did some stash shopping. I also ate every known form of pork for sale in the supermarket and even managed to smuggle a tin of Ye Olde Oak Ham back in my suitcase!! I am going to keep it for Christmas.... it may seem to be just a tin of ham today.... but by the time Christmas gets here it will have undergone a transformation and will be the most delectable thing on the table come tea time!!

I took a couple of photos of my babushka dolls while I was home so that I can add the pics to my mini book.
See how tiny they get? Its only the baby one that is solid, all the rest come apart in the middle and painted so beautifully.
Oh and this was my suitcase... I did add some odd socks and t-shirts to it so it wouldn't rattle too much...


  1. Welcome home Annette, am sure time till next pork leave will fly by. Love your Baboushka collection, quite beautiful.

  2. looks like a fab holiday I went to Prague some time ago I have seen these and I know what you meen they are lovely.

    Love Dawn xx

  3. ROFL at the suitcase of goodies :D go you :D
    I lurve babushkas :D

    Julie xx

  4. Welcome home ... I look forward to seeing your creations with all that yummy stash :0)

  5. i'm glad you had a brilliant holiday V.V. I love your dolls !
    I've had a great time looking at all your latest work...absolutely awesome x

  6. Glad you had a good holiday and enjoyed all that pork. Those dolls are amazing

  7. Welcome back Annette, gosh you are going to be busy.

    Don't be tempted to break into the ham before Christmas - it's not too long to wait now LOL

    Toni :o)

  8. Aw I missed you when you were home :-(
    Who did you meet up with?

    Love the dolls :-)

  9. How cool is your packing!!! I love your style! I would have a case chock full of stash too..who needs clothes! Enjoy the tin of OH loves the stuff! Hugs xx

  10. love LOVE those gorgeous dolls, and what a lucky gal with all that stash in your suitcase ;0)

  11. Glad you had a wonderful holiday. I just love your dolls.

  12. I just looove the way you pack! A woman after my own heart!


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