Monday, 22 February 2010

Anniversary Card

This is my attempt at a 25th anniversary card to go with the tag book... I think it suffered from leaky elbow syndrome because in my head it wasn't quite that dark looking, but Trudie loved it, so no worries!! LOL
and its isn't green... not sure why it turned out like that in the photo, must be the light in the kitchen!!  It was dark greys and pewters in real life.  I used my new Martha Stewart border punch which is fab as even with all those tiny holes it still went through cardstock without any problem.


  1. Annette, for someone who claims not to be a card maker this is beautiful.

    The MS punches are fab aren't they. Have you tried any of the 'round the page' ones? One of our local craft shops held an all-day punch demo on Saturday - it is amazing what you can do with some of the MS punches.

    Toni :o)

  2. Oh, even as a green card it's lovely, no wonder your friend was pleased with it! Gotta hand it to the MS punch manufacturers, they really have cracked tiny dies!

  3. Beautiful card. It has a very Victorian feel.

  4. I love it no matter what colour it actually was - interesting that the MS punches will go through cardstock I haven't got any of those mainly because my other punches won't touch - may have to have another look and invest in them now!

  5. That card is gorgeous, regardless of the colour, and the lace is lush - I bet your friend was chuffed to pieces!

  6. A lovely card Annette, and I like the green! :)


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