Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Yep I know, you all thought I'd gone on vacation and fallen off the edge of the world and vanished into the ether of the interwebs... well, let me tell you, all those people who think that expat wives just sit about bored all day are absolutely wrong!  My diary is full to overflowing with things I have to do, what with Arabic classes, scrap lessons, weird dice games that sound like a WW2 places to hide (think it was Bunko), cooking demonstrations, more scrap lessons and preparing for a class... I'm finding it increasingly diffficult to keep up with the normal daily events of cleaning and cooking and occassionally ironing (which reminds me, Chris did mention last night that he might need a clean shirt in the next day or two as the hangers in his wardrobe were getting very empty looking)!! 

Oh and its Valentine's Day!!  I was spoiled, very spoiled as Chris bought me the most beautiful bag for my gift... it is so me!!  Pssst, I think I may have got it by default because we were at home in Scotland on vacation and in this store buying some Yankee candle stuff to bring back tot Saudi and I turned and saw this shelf of handbags.... oh my, it was love at first sight!!  If I am honest, I think I may have done a pretty good interpretation of a two year old at the sweet counter in Tesco's... I wasn't leaving unless the bag went with me!!  It's a scrappers bag if the scrapper happens to be a cat lover... it appealed on all levels, beautifully designed, lovely to look at and fun too.  If I say the name Ruth Pinnock you might understand... she of Radley bags design fame?  She has her own line now called Ciccia and they are the most divine bags ever!
This is my bag... it's called 'Damn Cat'.... isn't it lovely?

Well, I was sitting at my desk and had a play and came up with this!!  (Hopefully Ruth won't be too upset with me, it is definitely a scraplift but only in the most complimentary way)!!  I am going to make a mini book with photos of my cats to fit inside it.

Here I am teaching the Valentine's matchbook class... and yes, after 6 hours that t-shirt says it all!!

Here are all my ladies industriously beavering away.

This is the matchbook we made for our hard working husbands!! ;)

The matchbook has pockets which hold tags which in turn hold little credit cards with promise vouchers on the back!

and now I must be off to shower and do my hair as we have a ladies Valentine's lunch.  we have to bring a mystery gift which is randomly picked, then can be stolen twice before it finally settles with it's new owner... sounds like fun anyways!!  we were told to just wrap it in newspaper to make it easy to rip open... ummmm, nah, i am a scrapper, we don't newspaper!!  I used Basic Grey wrapping paper and made some vintage heart tags threaded onto the ribbon.
So, if I owe you an email (and I know I owe a few), you will now understand why its taking so long to get an answer!!  Hopefully things will calm down in a week or so, I have the prep done for the next scrap class and once the ironing mountain has vanished I will be back on form!!


  1. Ooooooooo, love that bag...did they do doggy ones? LOL and your 'lift' is fab.

    Enjoy your lunch and I hope you get a lovely gift as your one looks super.

    Toni :o)

  2. Your Back - I did wonder if the wonders of home had kept you here for good and not returning to the sunnier climate - apparently not - just very very very very busy!!!!! Love all the things you've done with your ladies, the valentines gifts are gorgeous as is that bag - how gorgeous is that!!!!! I'm not surprised a tantrum was on the cards if you didn't get it - it's absolutely gorgeous and i love the scraplift!

  3. Love the bag Annette!!
    How was the trip home? Bet your glad to be back to some heat??

    This expat life of yours sounds SOOO hard, LOL. I feel sorry for you!!

  4. OMG Love that bag!! So cute!!
    ..and your valentine creations are gorgeous too!

  5. Really wish I could pop in to one of your classes - I LOVE this match book X

  6. Totally adoring your art hun...I will come over with Linda, we can share the driving LOL x

  7. Love that match book and your decorated mystery gift is wonderful.

  8. OMG I need that bag - its gorgeous. Loving all your work Annette.

  9. I want that bag!!! Have found one on line and have now shown it to DH - I can understand how you behaved like a two year old as I am now the samee LOL!!


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