Wednesday, 30 June 2010


In reality it is more 'what is not on your workdesk Wednesday' as the air shipment went yesterday and now I have had a chance to tidy up the scraproom and sunlounge!!  Yahoooo... just a shame I don't have any time to sit in there and make it a little untidy and create something but we leave for Calgary this Saturday and there are still other rooms to clean up first!!  But... you can see that I added my Big World buys to the walls either side of the window and the lamp one at the side of my desk.  Look kinda cute don't they?
This is the sun lounge now that all the boxes have been unpacked and re-packed!
Between the chairs you can see the printer's tray that I started a couple of years ago and haven't been home to finish... so it will have to wait a couple more years...
This is the printer's tray... yep, definitely neds some work!!

This is one that I did finish and it hangs on the sun lounge wall.
looking out from the scraproom into my lounge... and now you can see where the photograph for my blog header came from!!  People that pop in for the first time have one of two reactions... total wonder or completely freaked out.
Either side of the French doors at the bottom are the two stands that I bought in Saudi Arabia 'for my masks to stand on' and people really didn't get it... but now you can see... they are perfect for them!
I am now off to see what everyone is else to in the WOYWW world... my next post will be from Canada!!


  1. Glad to see you are still with us and not buried under all the boxes.
    Hope the flight goes ok and looking forward to seeing the next scraproom.

    Love the masks by the way.

  2. Oh wow! I want to come visit!

  3. Glad you are feeling that things are a little straighter before you wing your way off to Canada.

    When do we get to see a Mountie LOL

    Toni :o)

  4. Oh... I am so greeeen at that Printers Tray, I have a tray but no letters... I really want some but eBay ones are sooo expensive!!! Lovely to hear from you hunny, my email has changed... cos we moved...will drop you a line in a mo :O)) Have a fabby time in Canada xx

  5. Your link on Stamping Ground doesn't work - I'd hate for everyone to miss out on seeing your gorgeous home, you've got some amazing stuff! x

  6. It is great to hear from you Annette ... and we soooooo share the same taste in masks and eclectic ornaments. Wishing you well on your travels XXX

  7. Just found you via your post on UKScrappers about heading for Canada - hope all goes well, and I will be back to read more! Bon voyage ...

  8. Ohhh...welcome back Annette - even for a short while until you are settled again. *Ü* I've missed your posts and am loving the snoop today. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your printers tray - and the one you have on your sun lounge wall.

    I also LOVE your masks and the way you have displayed them. We bought some back from Kenya several years ago and they are in my African themed lounge....along with the Massai Mara warriors. nice Annette. How long will you be there for? Have a safe trip...and I look forward to seeing your posts again soon. *Ü*

    TFS. ~Glen~

  9. All the best for Canada & hope you're back crafting soon, can't wait to see the new craftroom. Love the printers tray, I really want to work on one of those :)

  10. Wow your bits are wonderful ...I would just spend hours staring and touching things ...I hope you get your printers tray finished one day ...I love it .... but the other is so pretty and practicle too.

    Dont know how you cope with all the moving but you do .... I suppose it is all part of your adventure ....GOOD LUCK xx

  11. Those chandies do look good on your wall. Catching up on your blog just now. Canada sounds like fun too! xx


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