Thursday, 8 July 2010

House Hunting...

I spent yesterday with Sue, the lovly estate agent I found, house hunting.  We had a fabulous day for it, sunny and very warm.  The odd thing about looking at houses is that after three they all start to blend into each other and when you try to recall one in particular... bits of the others creep in too!  Anyways, I did manage to reduce the number to a manageable one for a second look plus some new ones.  Chris gets the better bit of this deal, as I do the legwork and he comes along for the second look!!  We did buy a condo though.... a two story one for Pandora and TomTom!!  :)
You just know that they are going to turn their whiskers up at it, don't you?  We bought them a couple of normal beds just in case.  They are flying out from Saudi Arabia on Saturday and arriving here in Calgary Sunday afternoon.  Chris and I can't wait to get them back, they have had a long 6 weeks shut up in their cages at the vets in Khobar and will undoubtedly make us pay for their imprisonment in spades!!  They have been very lucky as Ping and Denis have kindly been popping in to check on them and make sure they are ok for me... Denis even takes videos of them and puts them on YouTube so I can see them!!  well, I can see more of TomTom than Pandy... TomTom is all over anyone who is willing to pay him attention and give him a smooth and cuddle and takes the camera in his stride... Pandora on the other hand is Pandora and sits inside her cardboard box inside the cage and stares out growling and spitting at anyone who dares to look in at her!!  Its a double edged sword though, on the one hand it is great to be able to see them and on the other both Chris and I end up in tears to see them in their cages... but I remind myself that 6 weeks in Khobar is better than 6 months in quarantine.

We arrived here in Calgary at the perfect time, the weather is being very nice and tomorrow is the start of the Calgary Stampede.  All this week you can get a free pancake breakfast at various points in the town... Saturday is the turn of the Chinook Mall which is just around the corner from where we have an apartment and Chris is off work... so guess what?   Yep... I plan to be there nice and early for my plate of pancakes and sausages!! Saturday afternoon we are off to the Stampede to watch the chuckwagon races, which are supposed to be brilliant.
Chris in goal on the ice hockey pitch... is it a pitch or do they have a different name for it?

Me in front of a lovely carving of the hockey teams.
Then we went off to Michaels!!  Yahooooo, I thought I had died and gone to scrapbook heaven...
and just to confirm how bad I am... I didn't even know these photos were taken, I found them on my camera when I downloaded the photos this morning!!

I was very good and didn't go completely mad....

Aisle after aisle of lovely stash...
Oh and before I left the UK I did a wee bit of shopping and guess what fell into my hands??   Yep, two more of the Signature Ciccia handbags with cats on!!  I love them!!

I love this one... Cattier's indeed!!  And isn't our little kitty bank robber just fab?? LOL


  1. looks like you are having fun....good thing you have a good attitude about moving and starting fresh all the time.

  2. Great to see you again Annette, glad you are settling in & very jealous you are able to shop in Michaels :D
    Hope you find a more permanent place to call home soon :)

  3. Love these pictures. When I first went to Michael's I got my hubby to take my photo outside. My son recently went to Canada and he sent me a photo of him outside a Michael's too!

  4. I know that house blurring that happens when you've viewed lots. It's such a relief when you find the right one.

  5. Good luck with the house hunting.

    Having been sitting here gazing at the rows of goodies in Michael' your kitty bags, especially the Cattier one LOL.

    Toni :o)

  6. Wow what a stash shop ...and those bags are such fun.

  7. Good luck with the househunting! I love the condo for the cats! LOL And boy am I jealous of you going to Michaels. I wouldn't have restrained myself. LOL

  8. Michaels looks awesome I don't think I would have wanted to leave - why aren't they over here yet? Grrr - glad you're settling in to life there, can't wait to see what the cats think of those condos when they arrive!

  9. Looks like your settling in nicely already Anette :D
    Julie xx

  10. Glad you've arrived safely and smiling at how you managed to find a scrap=store as well as house-hunt. Yep, that would be my priority too! Hope all continues to go well ...

  11. I would have swooooned in Michaels hun... it looks like stash heaven! Hope your babies are ok after the flight etc... I just know they will give you big lovings and then sulk a little to let you feel bad... then they will be so happy to see you both that all will be good... and.. those bags hun! they are puuurrrfect!!! xx

  12. Oooh! Love the handbags! Can't wait to see the cats in their new home :) xx

  13. Wow what a shop :) Pancakes every day - can't be bad!

  14. I did warn you about Micheal's... ;)x


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