Friday, 3 September 2010

Learn Something New Every Day...

Well, what did I learn today?  I learned that even though you are sure, nay even positive, that your son's flight is arriving at 3 in the afternoon, it is best to check to make sure!!  I spent the morning vacuuming and polishing and getting the house looking nice and welcoming and Chris came home at lunchtime from work so that we had plenty of time to get to the airport to meet and greet.... when we got a text message at 1.20 saying he was at the airport and where were we????  Ooops... a 45 minute journey was done in 30 and he appears not to be bearing any grudges.... but that may be the jetlag!!
Welcome to Canada Christopher... and sorry for being such a bad Mum!!


  1. Welcome you too to Canada! I didn't realize you had moved. He here in one piece and that's what really matters.

    I am so glad I am not the only bad mother out there! Enjoy having him with you.

  3. Oooops....I'm sure he has forgiven you.

    A lady at last night's crop said she had been racing round all day sorting out stuff for her holiday next week because she had just realised she had booked parking and stuff for the wrong time...she hadn't in-put the times in 24hr format (luckily she got everything changed).

    Toni :o)

  4. So not a bad mum! You're just wanting everything to be perfect for him, and if that means that one or two other things slip your mind... well, then that just shows how busy you've been working to make everything perfect for his welcome to Canada.

    One thing I've learnt... don't leave a week between visiting blogger - it takes ages to catch up with everyone! *lol*


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