Wednesday, 1 September 2010

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday and Learn Something New Everyday..

Is it an age thing or does everyone's weeks fly by and it is Wednesday again before you have turned around?  I have spent some time doing the stash shuffle this week... because when I unpacked I just sort of threw stuff onto vacant shelves without any thought... so I have been taking it all off bit by bit and now I actually know where some things are!! :)
Chris did manage to get the stuff up on the wall a few nights ago so now it is all coming together as a place to sit and play properly!!
This magnetic board for my brads was metal in a white frame and it didn't look right... so I papered it!

I did this monogram when I was in Saudi but the other day I was wandering around in the local dollar store (ooooh, I do like these) and found this black material covered canvas so I glued the monogram to it for my wall and I think it looks lots better now!

I have been sorting all the shiny bits I love for my mini books into jars and things and this wall shelf works a treat for displaying them.  I really am the sort of scrapper that if I don't see it, I don't use it!!

LOL... now don't laugh... I have tonnes of ribbon and when I saw this shelf for ribbons in Michaels I had to have it... only to find that the ribbon I bought by the roll in Saudi doesn't actually fit on the poles!!  So, until I can afford to go and buy heaps of new ribbon on a role which does fit, I am utilising it for the bags of ribbon and all the chains and beads and stuff that I amassed on my shopping trips in Saudi.

Hmmm, yes, I think have enough 'stuff' to play with for quite a while!!
So if you are still wondering what WOYWW is about... pop over to Julia's and check out the ever growing list of people who reveal their work desks to the world every Wednesday!

Learn Something New Every Day.... well, I learned this morning that if you have your toenail removed and cauterised on the Monday it isn't very smart to take a 20 minute hike to the hairdresser's and back on the Wednesday....  I will pause for sympathy.... please?  LOL  Of course, the advantage to this is that now I have the perfect excuse not to do anything else but sit at the scrap table and play for the rest of the day!!  


  1. Oh and if you need someone to take the ribbon that doesn't fit off your hands to make room for that that does, I'm your girl ;) x

  2. Hi ya
    oh lovely pics, lots of lovely stash there, fabby new ribbon holder.Have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  3. Ooooh that sounds painful........Please rest up in that gorgeous craft room of yours.

    Take care....xx

  4. Oh poor you (((hugs))) that enough sympathy? LOL

    Your room is really coming together - love how you have mounted your altered "A" and those shelving bits are fab.

    Have fun playing whilst you rest that toe.

    Toni :o)

  5. Love your new room, are you missing MBC yet and the sound of the call to pray?


  6. Your new craft room is looking stunning, I just love how you have stored/displayed your stash

  7. Your room is coming together very nicely. Is that lamp stencilled on the wall or a real lamp (I'm peering at the screen like an idiot, I just got new specstoo!)Either way, I love it.

    And as for the toe nail thing, you get all the sympathy I can muster, I've been through that 5's NOT NICE!!!

  8. Owch! *sympathy hugs* coming your way! I'm loving the scrap room, Soooooo jealous!

  9. What a fab workspace with lots of interesting things. Hope you enjoy Calgary! Happy WOYWW! Cath in the UK x

  10. Ouch!! (Please note the sympathy coming from the UK...)
    Ok, now back to your fab space - I love what you've done since we were here last. The monogram A is awesome - perfect on the black background. And your brad-art!!!! What can I say. I have got to go for a lie down now, it's so wonderful in your craft room.

  11. Your craft room is coming along beautifully :0)
    Hope your toe gets better soon....I cant imagine the pain of that...ouch!
    Kate x

  12. Love your new room and storage and what a lovely collection of chains. Sit down and relax and take care of your poorly toe.

  13. The "A" on the black canvas looks stunning!

  14. I looked for your post today so I could see what you have added to or changed in your studio. More on that soon, but I want to offer my sincere sympathy. You sound like you are in real pain. Was that enough, or should I continue? Like, please lie down and take it easy. Here's a cuppa. OK, back to the ribbon!!

    I bought wooden dowel rods awhile back for my ribbon and the holes were too small for the dowels. I bought smaller diameter dowels and they bent and snapped under the weight of several ribbon rolls. Then a friend found pants holders with 4 metal rods that are skinny enough for the smallest holes and you can space the rolls as needed. You can also keep adding more of these hangers onto each other. It's not the most beautiful of solutions, but it is the best I have found. Happy WOYWW.

  15. Ooh I love how it's all coming together Annette! If I ever get out to Calgary again you're top of my list of attractions!


  16. What a lot of really yummy stash you have to play with. If the ribbon doesn't fit you will just have to send it to me :-)
    A x

  17. I love the regular updates on your craftroom and how it's progressing - it's such a gorgeous space I am envious, and miss my old (and similar) one out in France. Sorry to hear about your foot! Still, I'd prescribe some craft therapy as well!!!

  18. ooo i just love to have a nosey in yopur developing room, you have some yummy things that make me itch to play!! hope the toes better soon lots of scrappin and rest needed! x

  19. Drooling Homer Simpson style at your workspace Annette


  20. Fabulous crafty space, love the shelving on your wall, have a great woyww, sorry I'm late.

  21. Incredibly tidy but oh so intruiging.
    Luv Joanne xx

  22. I am going to have to pinch your white shelving idea - it looks so beautiful! Much like yourself, if I don't see it I won't se it... even with everything stashed away in clear plastic drawers, my stash just isn't visible enough.
    Loadsa sympathy too - hope it feels better soon.


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