Wednesday, 2 November 2011

What's on You Workdesk Wednesday 2nd November 2011

OK, seriously now... not only are the days disappearing and Wednesdays appearing at a frighteningly fast pace but the months are too!  When did it get to be November for goodness sake?  You know what that means? Yep... the C word has to now be seriously reckoned with!!
Does this look suspiciously similar to last weeks desk?  It does... but that is because I have been playing with steampunk dolly all week (she is on the previous post if you want to look at her) and now reverted to the LP book covers... and I sorted the binding problem by attaching chipboard edges to the cut side of the old 78's... so now I can either use my BIA or choose to fasten them down together and fold them back... not sure which route to go yet but as you can also see on my desk I have made a start on the circles of inside pages.
I put my Mum to work on the other desk with some material and my sewing machine... producing little stockings for gift cards.
and if I pan right from desk you can see the display shelves for the odd bits that I make... which is where steampunk dolly is now living.
and behind my desk is this.... Pandy and Tom-Tom obviously patiently waiting for me to go get them some treats from the kitchen!!
Don't forget to go check out the linky list of desks at Julia's!!


  1. Think we posted our WOYWW posts at about the same time! ... early *lol*
    Loving your desk again this week - and those little stockings are so sweet - I want some! *lol* The display corner is fantastic... but I have to say that the show has been utterly stolen by the furry cuties! Pandy and Tom-Tom... gorgeous!

  2. What a gorgeous display area for you makes.
    A x

  3. Love all your bits on the display area ...inspired your guests love seeing your work.
    What a gorgeous photo of your feline friends the expressions on their faces.

  4. Lovely puss cats - they can do 'cute' extremely well, lol!! Bet it gets them more treats...
    You've got some great steampunk stuff going on there, like the bits and pieces you've got on display.
    And those Christmas stockings look familiar! I've been making some that are remarkably similar for fill with sweeties and put on the tree.
    Glad you like the pics - I love the English countryside, it's one reason why I didn't want to emigrate when my husband was quite keen.
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  5. This is a clever way to correct those LP covers. And nothing that anyone suggested, either. Good for you, paper (or vinyl) engineer.

    I LOVE those stockings. What a clever, clever idea. Will work for paper too, I hope. Guess I'm going to try to make a few because this is one super clever idea.

    That picture of Pandy and Tom-Tom has got to be the most precious I have seen! The expression on Tom-Tom's face is PRICELESS. I only wish Bleubeard would stand still while I photograph him, but instead he runs. Not your, though.

  6. Love your display area with all your fab work - mine is just piled in a heap! Love those stockings too.

  7. I always enjoy my Wednesday visit to your desk.
    Well done on the LP cover solution, really looking forward to seeing what goes on the inside now.
    Cute stockings and I love your display area, so well organised and lovely to be able to enjoy your work everyday.

  8. I was actually there at 6am this morning with finger poised over my mouse and Julia stood me up!! Computers ey!!
    Looking forward to seeing your album finished. My didn't Dolly change a bit!

  9. I just love your steampunk dolly (supermum) and Pandy and tom tom are sooooo cute I hope they enjoyed their treats x x

  10. You have a fabulous display area-and what wonderful things you've made! I love those cats,they're so cute!

  11. Glad you got sorted with your record binding and looking forward to what you produce as you know I am a fan of your things. What is the contraption on the circle - guess it is for cutting circles but never seen one like that. Great stockings your mum made and I just 'lurve' your display shelves - such yumminess! Cats are gorgeous too - a lovely blog which I thoroughly enjoyed reading.
    Hugs, neet x

  12. Love your display area and all the items on it.

  13. What you should have said was "At the risk of sounding like a broken record my desk is exactly the same as last week!!!!" Tee hee! Love the little stockings and the cute kitties but REALLY not sure about the one eyed dolly! That's the stuff of nightmares right there and I can't look anymore!!!

    Brenda 74

  14. I recognise that circle cutter on your desk. How are you getting on with it, I found it hard to use. Glad you solved the problem with attaching your 78 record.

  15. Cor, your display section is bursting full! I could pick your stuff out of a line up I think. I'm going to assume that the Vixen Mummy didn't mind making the cute little stockings?!!

  16. I've not stopped by for a while and figured it was high time I did. The LP covers look intriguing - is that a circle cutter I spy to the right?

    Super cute kitties this week - obviously getting their acting mojo from Puss in Boots in Shrek...

  17. Love you display area - quite a conversation piece I imagine. However, it's totally upstaged by those two cute kitties, the expression on Tom Tom's face is priceless :) Elizabeth x #59

  18. Hope all is well as I have missed your post today on WOYWW. Hugs, Neet x


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