Sunday, 14 October 2012

MIA... and I'm off to visit the wizard.... the wonderful...

I think this post should get award or something... because it is the longest period of time between posts ever on my blog!   Its not like I didn't have anything to say, or pics to show, though they wouldn't be anything crafty as I haven't done anything crafty in quite some time!
Coming home has been a pretty stressful time, very busy with trying to get the house and garden back into shape after being neglected for a couple of years and visiting family we haven't been able to see for too many years and the boxes... yes, the boxes.... they haunt my sleep and drain all joy from my waking hours.  They have also given me physical pain!  I popped a rib and pulled a chest muscle so bad each breath was agony.
If I had blogged I would have been miserable... and if you think this post is miserable... let me tell you I am trying to be as upbeat as I can!! ;)
This is Chris' son James and me holding baby Caitlyn who was born while we were in Calgary, she is such a cutie and didn't mind playing pass the parcel with people she had never met!
and Libby who we haven't seen for 4 years... yep, she has suddenly become a young lady!
This is Chris and his eldest son, Glyn... wouldn't be able to disown each other,would they?
The boxes are much reduced in number but there are still far too many of them waiting to be unpacked and now we have our new assignment..................
Brisbane in Australia
and I need to start to packing again.... which is proving to be a major challenge because I now have boxes to unpack and boxes to go... and the temptation is to lie on the floor like a two year old and flail my arms and legs around.... just that I don't have enough floor space to do it!! ;)


  1. But flailing would just make your rib hurt again, nah don't do that. Stop fretting about the boxes and stack them somewhere, they won't cost anything to feed and when you come back from Brisbane you can decide whether to take them straight to the charity shop or sell it all on eBay.
    It's only stuff.
    Enjoy your time at home and then get ready to blog about Brisbane!

  2. Firstly ...I am so sorry to hear how much pain you are in wonder you feel down. How great to see every one again though ...and the little one for the first time. I am afraid I could not cope with all the moving but at least you see the world. I would however be standing in the middle of the chaos screaming and stamping like Violet in Just William (remember Bonny Langford playing her??)
    When will you have to go and for how long?
    Take Care ...hope you feel better soon and take cake while you recover.xx

  3. Oh my can do's lesser gals like myself that give in too soon...I tend to go to bed..!
    You'll feel less like a push me-pull you when you get it over with. Meanwhile a day off, some fresh air and recuperation for your poor rib?

  4. I can relate (to the boxes, but not the rib).

    I'm glad you got one of the two posts you were wanting, and Australia is probably the better post, anyway. I'm just glad you know where you are heading, so I can wait in anticipation to see your first post in Brisbane. At least you won't have to shovel snow. Of course, you will have to learn to put up with humidity, much like what I experience (grin). What a different climate, especially since you have been used to cooler (Calgary) and drier (Saudi Arabia) climates in the past.

    I would gladly help you unpack boxes, but I suspect a flight would cost even more than for the two puddies!!

  5. Lovely photos Annette.

    Poor you and the injury - hope it is on the mend and the pain is easing.

    Will the trip to Oz be this side of Christmas? or will you get a slightly longer breather to get things sorted?

    Sending you lots of gentle hugs

    Toni xx

  6. Oh my goodness you are a trooper! I don't think I'd have the temperament to still have boxes to unpack and be told we're off again - to the other side of the world! Poor you about the rib, thats a sore one. Maybe what you need to do is unpack the craft stuff and play with it for a day or two just so you know what you need to pack again lol. I think some playtime is what you might need! I hope you don't have to move too imminently and your poor cats - will they cope with such a long journey? Good luck with it all.

  7. Hi! I am a new reader from across the pond. I love your blog. I love your cats. You are always so funny. I am so sorry you are in pain. :( I can't believe you are having to go halfway across the world again. If I was closer I would help.

  8. Well the only good thing is you are seeing the world! Scrapbooking etc is taking off in Oz so hunt out those shops. Sorry to hear you've not been 100%.

  9. Ach, you're a better sport than I am!! I'd leave the boxes unpacked and just move them when the time comes ... either that or tell Chris you'll join him, maybe, in a year or so, or tell him to take early retirement!!!

    Seriously, hope you find some Aussie scrappers to play with when you get there.

  10. Lovely mags for Scrapbooking in Oz and they list shops too! Know exactly where that photo of Chris was taken and you were not a million miles from me - well 5 mins away anyway LOL shame that we did not have the chance to meet up. As has been said boxes are boxes they will still be there when you get back from the sunshine in Oz!

  11. Poor you Annette! I'm so sorry to hear about your rib, but glad to see a post from you. I spent a month in Brisbane earlier this year, so when you get there let me know and I'll pass on all the "where are the good craft shops" research that I did!

    Dan x

  12. Oh no, Annette - just read your post. Hope the rib is back on the mend(ouch)but how cute is that baby(awww). Don't worry about boxes - we still have some in the loft from 17 years ago (oh the shame)and BRISBANE Australia??? (WOW!!!)

    A well seasoned mover and shaker like yourself will cope single handed, no doubt. (Just watch the rib!)

  13. LOL! Had to laugh at the description of "pass the parcel" with the baby (and she is quite sweet!) Nice to see you back at the blog!

    Mary Anne

  14. Hello! Thank you so much for the very nice comment you left on my blog this morning. I so appreciate your thoughts. I am so glad that you liked my Wendy Vecchi piece. It was so much fun to make. Hugs, Candy

  15. my goodness annette how do you cope !

    What does your hubby do that you have to travel around the world ? I must admit though it must be quite exciting although it must also be very hard on you all.

    Good luck on your new assignment.

  16. Oh how familiar it all sounds Annette - I feel for you and will be doing the same next year as we are expecting a move from Singapore to the USA!

    Good luck with the boxes - mine seem to breed when Im not looking -hope yours arent the same as mine!!!!

  17. Oh No Annette - hope you're feeling much better by now! I share your expat pain, as we are expecting a move from Singapore to Houston next year!

    Every time I turn my back my boxes seem to breed when we are moving - I hope its not the same for you - although I suspect it probably is Hope you enjoy Brisbane - you certainly get about!!!!

  18. Oh no, cannot believe you are leaving the UK again, and so soon. Enjoy the climate in Oz, not sure what the assignment is (DH's job) but hope it does not keep you too long over there. Also hope that TomTom and Pandy are ok travelling so far again. Must be the most travelled (miles) cats there are.
    Good Luck!
    Hugs, Neet x
    ps enjoyed the photos, lovely children


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