Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Quilt Two for LillyBo

Well, the material was there and the batting was cut into squares so I thought I would get one more quilt done for Jo and LillyBo Quilts before putting the sewing machine into its box ready for the packers next Tuesday.  Yep, next Tuesday!  LOL
Hmmm, yes, it is still not bright primary colours, is it? LOL
and I had this light bulb moment and thought what a clever idea it would be to sew shiny satin ribbons into all the seams... OMGoodness me.... I told Jo that if I ever suggest such a thing again to bat me alongside the head with something hard!! ;)
Yes... a close-up of the inserted lace bits and ribbons... it does give it a very shabby chic appearance so I am hoping that Jo and Eddie of CHOCs manage to find a little shabby chic princess for it to go to.
and there it is all rolled up and inside the bag.
I would normally be doing WOYWW this morning but I have either a pinched nerve in my back or have neuralgia (the doc has sent me for an xray but they can't fit me in till the 20th)... either one hurts like heck and I am struggling to sit at the computer for any length of time and I sort of need my back for the packing...


  1. The quilt is gorgeous, I am sure it will be loved by someone! Hope the back pain eases, and good luck with the rest of the packing!!!

  2. Hi Your quilt is lovely, I'm going to dig my material out today to start one for my grand daughter, I've been pinching her too small dresses out of the charity bags to use the material for just this sort of project! I would love to say I'd make one for jo too but I'd hate to promise then not be able to complete it. If it is nerve pain you are getting in your back (I had the most horredous sciatica for a couple of months a few years ago and that was nasty pain) I can thoroughly recommend amitryptiline (I cant help feeling that spelling is wrong!) its used as an anti depressant but in small doses it's a wonderful pain killer on nerve pain. Obviously your doc would have to prescribe but it made all the difference to me when I was in pain. Hope you get better soon and good luck with packing up for your next adventure. I look forward to hearing about your new life in Oz. x

  3. Oh poor you, and the timing is crud...hope it can be helped..lots of anti inflammatory for you, i am a survivor so i really understand!. Lovely lovely daughter used to snuggle under her covers and just flick and fidget with the sticky out label, so i think despite the painful work, the ribbons will be perfect in my opinion!!

  4. Really beautiful and such lovely ribbon idea.
    Good luck with the move - next Tuesday??? Crikey that has come quick.
    Hope Pandy and Tom Tom are ok.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  5. Poor can blame it on being bent over a fast sewing machine! What a time to be in agony, poor you!
    Re the dammit doll .... my DD could have made good use of one over the last two years and I think I might just make her one soon but hope she never needs it now! It's a fantastic idea.
    love Jo x

  6. Just take another look at Lillybo and Redanne's comment re your new quilt! Aaaah!
    Jo x

  7. Oh no, I have that pain too sometimes. If you have a palarties ball, roll over it and let your back relax out, sometimes it takes a few tries and can feel worse before it feels better. I think that is because the nerve gets released and it is kind of like pins and needles when you been sitting wrong. Great quilt and hope that its new owner loves and cherishes it.

  8. These quilts and bags are really gorgeous.

  9. Gorgeous ...cute ...unusual ...I bet it will be treasured.
    Nerve pains are the worst and drag on ...and most pain killers dont work ...hope you get it sorted soon. xx

  10. That's gorgeous Annette.
    C xx

  11. Just doing a bit of blog catching up and came accross this gorgeous treasure you've made Annette. I love it and am certain it really was a labour of love but it will be really treasured by who ever it is given to I'm sure.
    Well done you and get well soon with that back of yours.
    A x

  12. Wondering where you are and hoping things are going smoothly... thanks for all your comments,
    love jo x

  13. I hope the message I sent went thru because I got a "service unavailable" when I tried to post it.

  14. Hope your back is improving.

    That is one super quilt (even if the added extras gave you a headache).

    Toni xx


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